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  • The Smart Guide to Harnessing the Power of Love for Wealth Creation

    The Smart Guide to Harnessing the Power of Love for Wealth Creation | Soultiply with Brittany RitcherLOVE.

    We seek to share it with others, we relish in it, we are made of it, and we want more of it. To give and receive love – it’s the best feeling in the world.

    But what does love mean to you? How do you feel it; how do you show it?

    For me, it’s the act of giving and receiving in overdrive. I picture it like this: Remember when you were a kid and you would spin your straw REALLY FAST in your chocolate milk until you created a mini tornado in your cup? Love is just like that. It’s giving and receiving in a continuous circle, until you get so caught up in it, that you BECOME it. You realize that you ARE love; A tornado of pure, positive energy.

    That idea is the exact inspiration behind the Soultiply logo. A sacred circle. Giving and receiving all wrapped into one.

    I just love that idea!

    But I find this interesting…when most people are asked, “What do you love?” oftentimes they name only physical things.Logo with no lines

    I love my mother.

    I love my brand new puppy.

    I love my house.

    We know the miraculous power of love, that’s a given. So why don’t we automatically extend these feelings to our non-physical ideas and beliefs in just the same way? Why don’t we make more of an effort to give love to our dreams or to our obstacles? What if we loved the things that don’t yet exist with just as much passion as we do our family and friends? What would become possible?

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    Brittany RitcherThe Smart Guide to Harnessing the Power of Love for Wealth Creation
  • DIY Simple Life: How to Craft a Daily Routine that Uplifts & Energizes You

    DIY Simple Life How to Craft a Daily Routine that Uplifts & Energizes YouIt’s that time of the year again, folks. People are starting to get the sniffles.

    I was stuck at home for two days this past week fighting off a nasty cold myself.

    And although I would have much rather spent that time getting some real work done, there is one tiny silver lining to a sick day stuck at home.  As I was cuddled up with 4 different blankets (no joke!), and a nose to rival Rudolphs’, I couldn’t help but realize how it takes catching a no-good virus to get me to slow down and rest a bit.

    Sometimes, when you have a low-grade fever and absolutely ZERO energy, you can experience a serene sense of calm that’s hard to achieve during the hustle and bustle of a normal day. The other things just don’t seem to matter – all you are focused on is resting and feeling your best again. I always feel extremely connected to my body and spirit when I feel ill, my mind just isn’t up to the task of dealing with the usual worry and chatter.

    In fact, I remember back in my acting days, I would give some of my best performances when I had a fever. I just didn’t CARE how I was doing, so the performance was natural and uninhabited.

    Strange, right?

    But living a direct and simple life doesn’t have to be a byproduct of catching a cold. In fact, it might be one of the greatest things we can do to help us stay healthy, sane, and focused on the things that matter most.

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    Brittany RitcherDIY Simple Life: How to Craft a Daily Routine that Uplifts & Energizes You
  • How to Cultivate a Beautiful Body Image in a Selfie Society

    How to Cultivate a Beautiful Body Image in a Selfie Society | Soultiply with Brittany RitcherYou know what app I’ve been crushing on lately? Timehop. Have you tried it?

    If you love walking down memory lane, this app is pure gold. It goes through your most popular social media accounts and let’s you see what you posted 1 year ago, 2 years ago, and so on… (I have some posts that go back 7 years or more! Depends on how long you’ve been hooked to those precious social media accounts). It’s a beautiful little reminder of our life events and what we’ve chosen to share with our friends and followers.

    But there are days when a reminder from the past can sting. When the present feels all too real.

    And if you are currently embarking on a weight loss or body transformation journey, there’s nothing like looking at old pictures to stir up some unwanted emotions.

    But it’s not worth our time and energy to get sucked into the past, to battle the comparisons of ourselves, or to even fathom the thought that these pictures are any sort of indicator of our worth.

    So instead, I’ve developed two promises to myself, two main feelings that I refuse to feel when looking at pictures, and I hope by the end of this post, you’ll pledge the same.

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    Brittany RitcherHow to Cultivate a Beautiful Body Image in a Selfie Society

October 2014 Monthly Mantra:

October 2014 Monthly Mantra | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher

Repeat this mantra to yourself daily to attract powerful friendships with people who understand and embrace your heart and soul.

“People enjoy my company; I bring happiness to everyone around me; they embrace me for who I truly am.”

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