Curious How to Plan Your Goals for the Year? Nadalie Bardo Tells All… [Goal Getters & Dream Doers]

Curious How to Plan Your Goals for the Year? Nadalie Bardo Tells All…

Episode 2, season 1 [Goal Getters & Dream Doers]


It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the yearrrrrrrrr! (No, I’m not singing Christmas tunes – although I do love to!…) It’s goal setting time, my friends! It’s the one month of the year where it’s (mildly) socially acceptable to love goals as much as I do. Nothing feels better than getting organized and pumped for planning your goals for the year!

(And don’t worry, if you found this episode in the depths of the internet and it’s not currently January…don’t let that scare you away. Thankfully our calendar system is set up in such a way that you can measure a year from any date. Lucky us, right?!)

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nadalie Bardo of It’s All You, Boo to learn exactly how she plans out her goals for the year. Which I thought was pretty nifty, considering she created the Slay Your Goals planner, which helps goal-getters plan out their goals for the year and stay on track. I was curious how the goal queen plans her own year and *spoiler alert* – it includes a ton of sticky notes!


In this episode, Nadalie dishes the dirt on…

♦ How she plans her own goals for the year (She practices what she preaches, thank God!)

♦ How to know if your goals are deeply aligned with your dreams, and not just a product of societal or peer pressure

♦ How to keep from getting overwhelmed when sitting down to plan out your goals for the year (*Raises hand* – I’ve been there!)

♦ How to re-frame your goals from being results oriented, vs. process driven (And why this difference matters…)

♦ How to not get ahead of yourself with your goals (Slow and steady, does in fact, win this race…)

♦ How to avoid “shiny object syndrome” with your goals…and to stop using this trope as a crutch, once and for all

♦ How to know when you should stick with your goals, or when it might be time to move on

♦ How to find goals for the year that are authentic and align with who you currently are, or who you want to become

♦ How to get back on track with your goals for the year, even if you haven’t touched them in weeks/months/etc. (Bookmark this for February or March, just in case!)

♦ How to handle any sadness or disappointment surrounding your goals

♦ A fun practice to remind yourself of the mental breakthroughs you achieve throughout the year

♦ The creative process that Nadalie used to create her Slay Your Goals planner

♦ Nadalie shares the hardest part of creating her planner

♦ Her definition of “intention” and how having a clear idea of your intention can keep you on track for your goals for the year

♦ The best time of the year to start your goals

♦ 3 things you can do today to start your year on the right foot

♦ Nadalie opens up about her “True North” – the intention that guides her goals and business

♦ Sick of SMART goals? Nadalie shares her improved system that ditches the trope for “RIGHT” goals instead

♦ The big secret that you only really learn after achieving your goals…


Here are some resources we mention during the episode…

Some of the links to these resources are affiliate links, so if you decide to make a purchase, a small contribution will be made to fund future episodes of the Soultiply podcast. Although this is appreciated, all resources were chosen before affiliate links were added, and absolutely did not influence my decision to mention any particular resource in this episode.

♦ For an online library chock-full of free goal setting planners, trackers, and resources, visit the Soultiply Goal Setting Library

Nadalie’s Slay Your Goals Planner

♦ Nadalie’s home on the web – It’s All You

♦ Looking for another free yearly planning option? Nadalie has a “Slay Your Goals” guide to download as well!

♦ In this episode, we discuss breaking down your goals into smaller pieces quite a bit. If you are interested in learning about how you can do that with your own goals, checkout this post titled: “It Only Takes a Moment: Using the Manageable Moments Exercise to Jump Start your Dreams”

♦ Want to add some spice to your yearly goal setting routine? Try my favorite goal setting game – the 100 Goals for the Year Exercise! It’s easier than it sounds, pinky promise. Checkout the podcast episode on how you can play, or the blog post/YouTube video.


About our guest, Nadalie Bardo

Nadalie Bardo is here to help you slay your goals, so you can live your dream life with confidence + action. As the Founder of It’s All You Boo, she curates the very best content to keep you motivated and inspired to slay your goals in life and business. Her newest creation, the Slay Your Goals Planner is a 60+ page printable dedicated to helping you actually achieve your goals this year.


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If you would prefer to read this episode instead…

Episode 2 we’re going to learn how to set goals for the year and battle any overwhelm or disappointment that might come up if we get off track.

Hey there. It’s Brittany Hoopes and welcome to Soultiply. This podcast is all about goal getting, mind setting, and dream doing. We talk, we laugh, we tell stories, and I have heart to heart conversations with goal-getters, just like me and you, helping you translate your dreams into actionable to-dos. Hey. I’m ready when you are. Let’s do this!

Ahhhh…don’t you just love a fresh year? Do you smell that in the air? It’s January. I just love a new year. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because you feel like there’s so much possibility and hope. I don’t know. That sounds a little morbid, that only you would feel that in a new year. But you really do, it’s a fresh clean slate. It’s like when you go outside and there’s that fresh layer of snow and you just don’t need to touch it because it’s so pretty. You know we don’t really get that in Los Angeles, but I know the feeling… or are like fresh cut flowers, they just smell so sweet. And the beginning of a new year just feels that way because… it just feels like this time that you get to start over. And I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think we all kind of like that fresh start right.

Because maybe last year you didn’t accomplish everything that you wanted to do, or maybe you feel like you’re having to carry that burden with you throughout the year. But when it’s a fresh new year, it’s like you can drop it. You don’t have to carry that into the new year, you get a fresh start. You get a redo. So if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about goal setting I’ll say over the years is that I know that yearly goal planning, for me at least, it brings so much clarity, so much fun, so much excitement and motivation into my year. And I appreciate that so much, it just sets the year off right. And actually in the in the next episode, Episode 3, I’m going to be sharing my whole system and how I game my goals to work on them all year long.

So that’s Episode 3, if you want to check that out. It came out with this bunch of podcasts, I think you’ll enjoy that if you do this. But in the meantime, we’re going to be talking about goal setting today and yearly goal setting specifically. And I think with your goal setting you know sometimes (because we’re all human) we have these great big exciting goals at the beginning of the year. And then we realize that maybe we bit off a little bit more than we could chew, or we got pulled into all that circumstantial mucky life stuff. You know that just happens off the year, and we find ourselves that we were off track a little bit. And it’s like who wants to play a game that you already know like you’re going to lose, and you avoid it.

Right? You avoid it because you’re just like, “Ah. I can’t even get back. I wouldn’t even know where to start.” And maybe you beat yourself up a little bit about it. I mean, I know I definitely have in the past. And these goals feel more like a burden or a reminder of what you don’t have rather than that hopeful idea that you started out the year, or whenever you started out your goal setting you know feeling about for the future. So that’s why I decided to bring in Nadalie Bardo from It’s All You Boo today because she’s going to help us explore some of these ideas together and give us a way to really kind of frame our mindset for our yearly goals that will keep us on track all year long.

And I just love her. She’s so great. You’re going to love her too. She’s amazing example of a goal getter that is really just making things happen. Like we’ve kind of become email pen pals a little bit over the past year and when she tells me her schedule, I’m like, “GIRL…she is doing it.” She’s putting in the work, and she’s so transparent and open though, but she won’t like sit there and be like, “Oh it’s just so easy” like she’ll say like, “Hey, this is hard.” And I admire that so much. And I think that’s what we we need to hear, right? Because it’s not going to be all roses. We love fresh cut flowers, but it’s not going to be all roses. And she’s accomplished one of her greatest goals and she escaped her nine to five job in life to pursue the life of being a creative entrepreneur. And I know so many of you have that same goal and so she’s a great one to look towards. And now she blogs about how to slay your goals. She loves goal setting just as much as I do. We’re kindred spirits. And she blogs about achieving your goals, becoming your own boss. She’s also an inspirational quote aficionado, if I must say so… and she just came out with this planner that’s called the Slay Your Goals planner. And I got my hands on it and a woo is a one stop shop.

I mean, if you geek out on goal stuff like I do, you are going to love this planner. Literally, this is what I plan on doing. I plan on picking a cozy little spot at this outdoor cafe that I have near my house and I’m going to put on some of my favorite music. Maybe… I don’t know… what should I listen to? Maybe some Sufjan? I love Sufjan…and maybe I’ll put on some music and I’m just going to dream all over that thing, because it is just – it’s great. I can’t wait to dive into it and I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

So before we jump into talking to Nadalie, I want to mention this whole world of free resources that I don’t even know you know exist yet, because I but I want to share it with you. And it’s this world beyond your podcast player so if you head over to, you can find show notes for all the podcast episodes, and I make it easy for you, it includes all the links of anything that we discuss here on the show. So if you hear something that’s like, “I want to… I’m curious about that.”

Don’t even try to remember, it’s just on there. So for example, today’s show notes for this episode can be found at so it’s always going to be just whatever number episode this is, is for today. So there’s also this free Soultiply goal setting tools and resources library. I pretty much consider my baby. You wouldn’t even want to know how many hours I put into this and I hope it’s helpful. I know it’s helpful for me but I’m just looking for some resources. And it’s filled with the workbooks, and interactive Excel goal trackers, and bonus videos, and just pretty much any downloadable that you could think of that would help you with your goals. It’s there and it’s free to access.

And honestly, it’s kind of cool because you just go there and you have access to the library – I’ll send you the password for the library and you get all of them. You can download them as many as you want and it’s not just like you know one – it’s multiple things, and it also has a bunch of different resources of different planners, and different books, and different apps, and all these different ideas, classes, that can help you with your goals. All kind of in one place and I do the research for you, so just go to to access any of those free downloads, and you know, make it easy on yourself. Goal setting can be a little tricky. You know it can be hard, it can be fun, but it can be hard, and at least these downloads make it a little easier.

Plus in addition to that goal planner that Nadalie came out with, you know she has the Slay Your Goals planner, which will be talking about a little bit more today… She also some free goal guides available to, like the Slay Your Goals guide, which I think she told me is her most popular free download on her site too. So seriously, between Nadalie and I, we’re not going to leave you hangin’! There’s so many fun tools out there that can make this whole goal setting process easier. So jump on over there. Check them out. We’ll include a link to Nadalie’s Slay Your Goals planner, as well as the guide, so you have a more in-depth version or a free version and you’ll be set.

So here’s Nadalie…

I am so happy because guess what it is our favorite time of the year, isn’t it?

It is!

It’s goal setting time! Whooo! I love this time of year Nadalie, because everyone else geeks out about goals as much as we do!

Finally, right?

Our one time of year when we’re understood.

So true!

No, I’m so kidding, anybody who’s listening to this loves goal setting all year long. So we are in luck there, we are with our people.


But I have to admit that you really, out of anyone I know, are the queen of all things yearly planning and goal setting. I mean you teach others how to slay their goals, you do yearly goal setting with your Slay Your Goals planner, you have so many great, rich blog posts. I mean you’re also the quote queen. That’s how I found you – remember that post that you did with all those yummy inspirational quotes? You’re great at that, and so I’m curious about – because we’re going to get really deep into all of this – but I want to know how the sausage is made. I want to know what is your yearly goal setting routine look like how are you prepping for your goals in the new year?

Okay, big question big question, I guess usually… My thing is figuring out what in the ideal world. What is it that I want to achieve? And it usually just starts to like a post-it. So I try and jot down like three things that I would like to see happen in my life. And I have this post-it usually on my desk where I can see it. And it is kind of funny, like I’ve done this for maybe like 5 years now and even these goals, or you know these ideal goals that you have that you even think when you write them you’re like, “Agh! This is not going to happen, right?”

Yeah yeah.

Writing it down, somehow, makes it happen because there are times when I’m like, “There is no way…This is not happening”, right? Something happens in your life and you are like, “What? Did you see my post-it!?!” Are you spying on me?

So I’m curious, when you’re writing it down. Is it like during that moment that you’re convinced or does that take time?

It takes time. Like sometimes I am, like I have more of a process now. But my yearly goal setting all goes back to this post-it ritual that I had. And yes so right now it’s like more elaborate. But I do like the idea of like starting with a tiny piece of paper because A) It limits how much time you are going to spend writing and you can only write so many things. Because I think like a big problem is that you know you start planning, and before you know it you’ve written a novel and you are over it. You know, you don’t even go do it. So yeah, I am a fan of the post-it or like a whiteboard, so you can kind of like write down your ideas and figure out… this leads to this. This makes the most sense, so I won’t do this one, because you know, it will have little impact, but this thing, if I accomplished that, it will be huge for me.

So yeah. So on your post-it, is what you want out of life? Or are you thinking specifically within this next year?

I think specifically in that year. Right? So early next year, I don’t know if it will actually be one of my goals, but maybe I want to publish 112 blog posts, 2 a week, right?


That one is more that you just got to keep with it like every week. But maybe your goal is… I guess everyone’s like into fitness and the health goals, right?

Oh yeah.

You know like maybe you want to…I’m not going to say weight…but maybe you just want to feel healthier, like not be in pain or whatever right now, right? That’s what I would write down. So it wouldn’t be like a full fledged goal, because obviously like that’s more like a sentiment or the ideal, and the planning that out, that will require more than a tiny piece of paper… perhaps a Slay Your Goals planner?

Oh! Oh! Maybe maybe! I don’t know! So OK so you write it down on your piece of paper. Maybe you turn towards a planner like the Slay Your Goals planner, or any other number of planners that you might have or what do you do next? Do you go through the planner ritual as well?

So the whole planner was created because like these are all questions like I ask myself constantly, right? So yeah, I’m totally going to go through it…

Yeah, yeah

…to make sure like I’m aligned with myself, because I think sometimes we like set goals that we think we should be setting, but in reality you know it’s probably not the right choice for us. You know, it’s New Year’s resolution time, right? And we’re all making these resolutions, but are they the correct ones we should be making for ourselves? I don’t know. Is it just peer pressure or societal pressures? You know, I’m convinced that a lot of the time it is.

How do we know? It feels right at the time, you know, but how do we really know that it’s deeply aligned with us, that it is something we really should pursue?

I think one is like experience. I think if you have a history of setting these resolutions or these goals, whatever you want to call them, that you’re not reaching – something is wrong. Right? And I think that no matter what the goal is, even if it is aligned with you and it’s going to be difficult to achieve. So you know you want that extra power behind you, because if it is aligned then when you’re tired, and you don’t want to do it, and you feel like giving up, there’s that and deep well that you can draw from, right? But if it’s not, then it is going to fall flat like really quickly.

Yeah yeah. I have a few questions for you. Because I know there are certain things that people have mentioned in my research and even things that I’ve struggled with as I’ve approached my yearly goal setting, and I’m curious what your take is on this: first thing being… how do you get yourself in the mindset to think long term about your goals without getting that wave of a feeling of overwhelm? Say we sit down with your planner, or we sit down even just to write out our you know goals on a sticky note, how do we get thinking about a time span as long as a year, you know there’s so many days, without feeling overwhelmed about it?

Three hundred and sixty five days right.

You can get a lot done there if you put your mind to it. Yeah.

How not to get overwhelmed… Honestly…you have the goal, but you also need to, from the beginning, think about it in terms of those specific days. Right? You can get all starry eyed or teary eyed!

Yeah, either one!

“Oh my God…how am I going to do this!” Right? If you ground your goals in like being very practical. So whatever your goal is, what am I going to have to do today, and tomorrow, and maybe next week, and then don’t like being like, “Oh my god, I got to do this again and again and again and again.” It’s just right now, like in this small time frame of today, or tomorrow, what do you have to get done?

Because you can definitely get overwhelmed if you’re thinking of “OK this is just step one, and then step two, and then step three.” All you need to know is where you’re going, just kind of have the back of your mind so that you don’t get distracted or off track. And what you need to do now. Because I think a big pitfall is that we kind of slack on the now, it’s like we get so caught up or you know lost dazing into the future. “Oh If I had this, or oh I got to do all this stuff.” But then when it comes to actually taking action, it doesn’t really happen. You know what I mean? Yeah I think it is about just focusing on those small moments of time, not necessarily those big ones of the year.

That’s so funny that you mention that because I’ve had in the past where I’ll be having some sort of workout goal or some sort of weight loss goal, and I’ll be like I’ll just be at the beginning, right? And I’ll be like, “Oh how am I going to maintain my goal weight once I get there!?” and I’ll get all overwhelmed by the fact of like how am I going to stay so skinny. You know?

And it’s like – why bother?!

And it’s like how am I going to stay that way? And it’s like – let’s focus on losing the weight first, then you can worry about how you’re going to stay that way.

Or not even losing it – the goal should just be “I’m going to work out for 10 minutes day” And that 10 minutes will become 15 minutes, and 20 minutes, and then 30 minutes, and then it will get you there.

Exactly, or even how my current goal is with health right now, is here’s the kind of lifestyle or the kind of eating habits I want to have. I want to do an 80/20 rule, I want 80 percent of the time I eat healthy and 20 percent of the time maybe I enjoy myself. I have a piece of cake, whatever it is. You know I want to do workout programs that feel good, that are fun, that I look forward to. Whatever weight that ends up being – That’s the life I want to live. So whatever you end up weighing – fine, so be it, it’s a number, you know? And kind of thinking about like well how do I want to feel with it instead? And what actions align with that? But I just thought that was funny because in terms of feeling overwhelmed, you can get ahead of yourself and you gotta stay in the present moment, just like you were describing…

Don’t even worry about how to keep it off. It’s literally a problem for a 365 days from now. The problem today is: how am I going to get out of this chair and get moving, or you know how is my next meal not going to be a hamburger and fries?

And that’s what’s kind of funny, it’s a little counterintuitive, right? Because we say yearly goal planning, but there’s an element that you’re planning for the year. But really the focus is that day to day. Is that that you don’t have to have all the answers for a year from now. You just need to know what you need to do right now. And keep asking yourself that question.

Definitely. Because I’ve found that even if you’re able to say planned out all 12 months from the get go, the minute you take step 1, your whole view is going to change because you’re going to be like, “Oh my gosh. You know this is an option to me, or this is an obstacle, or wow this just happened.” But you’re not able to see that, until you take that first step. You don’t get caught up in planning 2 to 12, if you haven’t even started moving yet, you know?

Yeah absolutely. Which that actually brings me to another point I was curious about – How do you avoid that? I’m coining the term you know “shiny object syndrome”, right? Where you set up a plan, and then you’re like, “Oh!”…Something comes up a month or two later, and you’re like, “I want to do that instead.” And you move off your original plans toward something new. When can you do that? When should you do that? And when do you need to step back and say, “Hey – I need to remain focused to my original plan so that I can see some progress.”

Yeah it’s definitely a thing, you know, shiny things are pretty, you want to chase that penny… But yeah, I think it’s like a combination of staying in your lane, like I was even just like reflecting on this yesterday. Because there is going to be opportunities coming your way. Distractions…maybe someone’s going to be like, “Oh you should be doing… You should start a fashion blog instead, right?” You just got to commit to whatever it is your goal and your plan is. You have to be like 200 percent in. Because if you’re not, you can so easily get distracted and go chase something. And I sometimes think that we get distracted, and chase after pennies or whatever, because we’re not actually committed. And I think like someone’s really committed, they’re not going to cheat on their goals, right?

That distraction almost becomes like a… it saves you.

Like, “Oh thank God I don’t have to do that!” I never wanted to anyways… If we were being honest, we would say that, right?


So I was still working on this, still figuring out, But I do think that I’ve had the most progress and success with myself by just staying focused on that one thing. And it’s hard when you start out to know what that one thing is. Maybe you gotta try a few things and see what sticks to you and roll with that. Where you’re getting the progress, where you feel most content and happy, right? So it’s all trial and error. You got to be aware of how you feel. I know it’s like always feeling, all these fluffy things. But it’s honestly about how you feel about it. So for me like one of the big things in the beginning when I started the blog was like, “OK do I want to talk about goal setting or goal slaying and mindset and all these things I love? ,Or do I want to talk about graphic design and how to be a blogger, and all these other things that I know I have some talent and skill in?” Well it came down to what can I actually write a blog post about and not cringe? What flows? What isn’t me trying to recreate myself? And I think it’s a time of year where we think, “Oh my gosh I got to be a whole new person!” And it’s impossible. We can’t change who we are. It’s more like, you need to be in tune with who you really are – your body, your mind, and all those other aspects of your being. And just go after that, because you’re going to have the most success.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And it sounds like how you’re describing is really being aligned. I mean we throw this term around so often, right? But your purpose. Like I feel like sometimes when I feel like situations coming up like, maybe a job that I hadn’t really considered but I thought might be cool, you know this “shiny object syndrome”, right? I have to ask myself – does it align with what I consider my purpose? Which I consider my purpose to be curiosity and conversation. I only want to do things that are aligned, that will allow me to do…that have those two elements. And if something kind of falls outside of that, then then I know that it’s not aligned, it’s not in tune with what I want and how I feel. And that can be difficult to figure out, but at least for me so far it has kind of kept me a little bit on track which is nice.


So here’s another thing, Nadalie, I’m curious: So how do you handle not meeting your goals or expectations, say you sit down at the beginning of the year. You come up with all these great plans. It’s going well for a while. But, you know, you start to fall off track, and maybe it can feel a little demoralizing or it makes you want to avoid clicking back into that PDF to look at your planner and see what you wrote when things were going better. What do you recommend if you find yourself majorly getting off track and you really kind of not even touched it for a couple of months, or weeks, or whatever it might be?

Yeah it’s not fun at all. I think that we sometimes set goals that are too vague, if you know you’re anything like me. Your eyes are too big and you are like, “I’m going to do all these things!” And you know, I was feeling you know kind of disappointed like, “Oh I didn’t get to do all these things, I didn’t launch a course, blah blah blah”, right? But I realized when I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and ended the pity party, I realized that – you know what?… I did make some progress and some progress beats no progress. And I think that the cure for disappointment is just sitting there and reflecting on what you have accomplished, because there’s definitely going to be something. And even if it’s not like material or financial or, all these other things that we can write about or whatever. Maybe it’s not filling our Instagram feeds, but if it’s something inside, like maybe it’s a mindset shift, maybe you know something you’ve been trying to figure out for months finally just like clicks and you get it, right? You can’t put a value on that way. Those aha moment and transformations, like I think they’re big, and you’re going to like cash in on those later. So like I tried to not get caught up in failures. Because there’s one… you know I like quotes, right?


And there’s this one quote and it said, “Don’t worry about failing- you only have to get it right once.”

I love that!

I only need to get it right once and I’m good. So like the more you fail, the faster you’re going to get to getting it right. So I know that sounds like very positive, like “This girl never gets sad!” I get sad, I get frustrated, and when I do, I just you know go to my people who can pick me back up. And you know, if you need to wallow and go watch a Netflix movie, or do whatever it is your “pick me up ritual” is -you do that. But when it’s over, you get up and going.

Yeah I love what you said about those mental breakthroughs that you might have that are not tangible, they’re just a thought or something that clicked, or they are that aha moment, and that literally could shape and change your life. And you will cash in on that later, like you said, and that’s like your goal to have achieved this past year! And yet you don’t have anything really to tangibly show for it. And I think we forget about that. I think we forget about that so often that we’ve had those throughout the year.

Definitely. Which is why we should write them down!

I was just thinking – wouldn’t that be cool. I might do this. We should do this. I think I might get like a jar or something. Like when you have those aha moments throughout the year, like write them on a little piece of paper, put them in the jar, and then would that be fun at the end of the year to like go back and remind yourself of all the like mental breakthroughs that you made the year.

And it would make for a great blog post – just sayin’

It sure would…Natalie and I are running to the local craft store and getting our jars that are pretty paper as we speak. How funny is that…

Nadalie – now you have to tell me. Tell me more about this Slay Your Goals planner. How did you even come up with the idea for this planner? Like what was that light bulb moment that you had?

So I guess my light bulb moment was back right after I’d “escaped the 9 to 5” and I was on this journey to trying to figure out who I was and what was I’m really interested in, and I was learning about blogging and online business, and all these things. I was like, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was like a planner that could help me figure out – Do I do my photography business? Do I start a blog? Because you have all these ideas, right? Oh my God, there’s a whole world of opportunity out there, and it’s like – How do you know which path you should take, right?


So that’s where I was and I was like, “Ah that would be so cool if there was a planner.” And so yeah like I had the idea from that time, but I really have the design skills as yet. The more PDFs that I made for my site, I just slowly progressed towards it, and I had created that Slay Your Goals guide. And it’s my number one download on my site, so I was like, “Oh! People like this stuff.” So I started building it, it took months.

Yeah what was that process like? What was the creation process? I mean, I feel like you have to be… It’s hard enough to plan our own goals, but to be in tune enough to be able to replicate that process for many different people over many different goals that they might have. What kind of mindset did you have to get into to you know to be able to deliver on something like that?

A mindset of like one page at a time. This planner is like a beast. Like have you seen it?

It is 60+ pages, it is deep. I mean, if your goal setting geek like I self-proclaim I am, It’s just it’s nirvana – but it’s deep. It’s not for the light of heart, you know, it’s for people who are ready to really do that introspection, and make some change. That’s why I’m so curious about your process. How did you create something like that?

Honestly, one page at a time. So once I had the framework which was… “OK, so I’m going to do it in chapters.” So I figured out, “OK I knew I wanted to end with like a review chapter.” So I was like, “OK what is the starting point then?” And it was literally just like a few weeks working on every single chapter, referring to some of the guides I already created. And just like sketching it out on paper and like, “OK, this will look great. This would flow to this” and one exercise after another, and then you know I’d be done a chapter. And I’m be like, “Oh my gosh, what if there was a worksheet like this!?” So I’d go back in… and so it was a lot of, just yeah.

Wow. Was there any part that, you remember like being the most difficult part or a part that you got hung up on, or you know it made you kind of feel a little crazy-making, as you were going through and writing it?

I think it was the beginning, the intention setting chapter, because I had never had written about that as yet. So I obviously had to do some research. I guess sometimes like when you’re not entirely sure about a concept. How to put it into your own words and to express it in a way that other people will be able to follow along as well.

Yeah. Specially something with intentions too. I mean it’s such a ephemeral idea to grasp. We all know what they feel like. And we all know when they click with us, it’s like that gut feeling, that soul feeling, but to describe it to somebody I could see how that be very difficult to and especially you know to replicate it off you know all the many people who are using the planner.

So a definition that I kind of found for myself that works is that: It’s greater than your goal, and it’s more of your true north. It’s like your compass, and if your goals don’t align with your compass, you’re going to be spinning.

You’re going to be way off track, you’re going to be in the woods! Saying, “I want to go home!”

I like that idea of it being like you’re true north.

I love that – it’s a compass for the year. You know, make sure you’re on track. Like you said, except for when we were talking about avoiding it or feeling demoralized, because we got so off track, that’s kind of like somebody who just threw their compass in the river and they’re not wanting to swim and go find it again, you know? And I think that can be hard. I think that can be hard when we’ve lost our way. You know, quite literally, with our intentions.

When I think that the beautiful thing is that any day can be day one.

It’s like the new year now. So everyone’s like super into it and it’s like Woooo. But any point you can decide that, you know what, “I want to start, or I’m going to start again” and maybe you’ll start again 300 times. That’s OK, as long as you keep going. I think we are really hard on ourselves, and I think the fact that anyone is trying is like for reals – applause!

Yeah. So many people don’t even try, right?


We just got to be kind to ourselves, and realize that we’re doing the best we can. We lead busy lives. Things come up, and just like give yourself bit of grace that you’re doing the best you can.

Absolutely. And I love that you mentioned that Nadalie, because I’m sure people will be listening to this episode at all different points in time over the year. And I think it’s so funny. I mean what a mental hangup that we have as humans that we think the beginning of the year is a nice time to start goals. I know some people like to start them on their birthday, like my birthday is in December so I always kind of feel like it’s kind of aligned with the year anyways. You know like what am I going to do this year of when I’m this old, or you know what am I going to do in my 27th year, my 28th year. But really, you could start on a Monday. You could start on the first of the month… or guess what? Each new moment, each new breath, is an opportunity to start over. You know you don’t have to… These are all just self-imposed kind of time limits we’ve given ourselves, and it’s really just the act of recognizing, “Hey, this is what I want from my life and these actions are not getting me there. So let’s let’s realign.” Let’s let’s grab that compass again like you said.


OK I want to I want to end here, Nadalie, with something real good, tangible, actionable, something that anyone who’s listening right now that’s feeling really fired up can go do to start their year off on the right foot. So what are the top three things that you think we should all do over the next week or so to start our year on the right foot?

So I’d say that you should start by just doing a thorough review. So just take some time to think about the last year, or the last few years, and just reflect and just determine like why. First of all, where are you now? Where were you trying to go? Why didn’t you get there? What are some of your hopes and some of your dreams? And how is the past not aligning with those? Because I think we do have to kind of do that look over our shoulder to kind of see what we’ve been doing, and where we dropped the ball, or where we need to make changes. So step one I would just say is always just a review, and we’re not wallowing, we’re just taking a glance back so that we know where we’re going to step next.


And the next thing I would say is to get your compass, right? You need to figure out what is your true north, ,meaning the actions the jobs you’ve taken, and the choices you’ve made in the past have all been an attempt to get somewhere, or maybe those choices haven’t lined up with that. So you need to make better choices, but you can’t make better choices if you don’t know where you’re going. So you really need to figure out where is it that you want to be, and you know that can be a place, that can be a feeling. And at this point, it’s not so much of the “How am I going to get there?” It’s about who you are, and kind of like your why – what is that song your heart dances to, or what sets you on fire? Like what is that thing?

What’s your true north? How do you define your true north right now?

My true north? You know when you get somewhere and you’re like, “Oh, I kinda want to shift a bit.”


So mine is like just pursuit of freedom, and to me freedom is being able to be who I am all the time, doing what I love. And you know using my skills and creativity. So I’m in a pursuit of freedom.

That’s wonderful.

And what that equals for me every year is different, right?


So it was like launching the blog, and now it’s kind of building it into a full fledged business, right? So all that feeds my pursuit of being free. So, similarly, if you have set your intention, or found your true north, then – What are my actionable goals? And it is just figuring out the possible steps that you can take over the next 12 months that are going to lead you there.

So you know a great way to start is just like brainstorm ideas, and then pick the ones that are most doable, and you can think of them in terms of SMART goals, if you like. I came up with this thing called RIGHT goals, because I got tired of everybody saying SMART goals! SMART goals! SMART goals! Can we add something new here, people!?

So what’s a RIGHT goal? What’s a RIGHT goal then?

So glad you asked…

A RIGHT goal is just more about the heart behind your goal setting. And so R stands for resolve. And I honestly think that your goal should resolve whatever your greatest challenges, because if it’s a big problem for you. You’re probably going to stick with it because you don’t want this problem in your life anymore.


So I stands for intuitive. Is this goal a good fit for you and your abilities? And I think that if you ask yourself this question and the answer is no, because you need to reinvent yourself, you probably should rethink the specific goal.


G stands for genuine, and I’m basically just asking is this goal YOU, are you be authentic? Or are you falling prey to the pressures of your family, your friends, society, culture, whatever. right?

That would automatically cross off the wanting to look like an Instagram fit girl on my list, you know? because it’s like we look at that like oh I want abs like that or I want this. And I ask myself Is that really genuine for me? I mean, it is genuine for some people, but for me like I’m too quirky, I’m too weird for that, that’s not genuine for me. I love that. That’s a great way to think of it.

Are you walking around in a halter top?

No, like I’m not a heels person. Like for me trying to do a goal that would require wearing high heels, you would instantly know that that’s not genuine for me, because that’s just me. But for some people, they come to life when they wear high heels, or whatever it might be, you know? So I think that’s so good. I never really thought about – Are your goals genuine for you? You know or at least who you want to be. Not to say that you can’t change if you want to. You know, if you really admire the confidence someone has when they’re you know doing X Y and Z, that’s great. But I think that’s nice to take assess. So what do you what are the other letters stand for?

H is for hopeful and this is just about the emotion behind your goal. Is it hopeful and positive? And not set from a place of fear, or like “If I don’t do this, you know, calamity calamity or whatever.” We should always be hopeful with our goal setting. And T is for transformative, and I mentioned that because your process of goal setting… So goal setting in general, it can’t just be about where you’re trying to go, it needs to be also the process, and the actual doing – because that’s where it happens. And you know, does that process help you grow, or does it transform you in positive ways? Because it should. And it shouldn’t be in a negative way because all of a sudden… you shouldn’t have to change… you want to change, but you don’t want to change in a way that is negative to you.

And isn’t that the big secret to about goal setting or the big payoff that we never really realize until we’ve achieved something? That yeah sure, the thing that you achieved it’s great and good, right? It’s what you’ve been working for. But when you look back on something,, it was really those things that you learned during the journey, or those those instances that happened during the journey. Like even when I think about, you know I just recently got married. And I just had this wedding, and and the wedding was the big goal, right? You plan for a year and a half for this one party essentially! But when I think about the wedding, of course there are great moments about the actual wedding day itself, there’s too many to count… But some of the greatest moments are like, the dessert tasting that me and my husband went to, where we got to try 30 different flavors of ice cream and 30 different cookies and we were like begging them to stop bringing us dessert, you know which I’ve never done in my life. And it’s like those are the fun, that’s part of the payoff too. Those moments in the journey.

And you would have never known that those would have happened, right? You go, “Ok, this is the goal.” And you just discover those as you go along. It’s a surprise, right?

Exactly. Absolutely. Ah, Nadalie! I just love talking with you, and chattin’ with you, and geeking out with you. So anyone who’s listening right now, can we find out more information about you, about the planner, or where should they go?

So they should head to my website,, You can find free resources there, you can learn about the planner, you can check out our blog posts. There’s lots of fun stuff there for you.

Fantastic, thank you so much!

Wow! She’s a pretty special lady, right? I just love that conversation. I just love the part where she mentioned all those like mental breakthrough goals that we have throughout the year, that we don’t even realize, like those intangible things that we just learn about ourselves that are really huge, they’re huge wins and we don’t really celebrate them. I just love that idea. I thought that was so smart. And I think the biggest one of those I had this year was learning to trust my eye for design. I know that’s a little strange, but you know I’ve kind of always I’ve always considered myself creative, but not really in that artistic sense. Like with color, and composition, and design. But I have to tell you, planning this wedding this past year, my wedding, and really doubting the color scheme if things went together. Oh my poor friends and family, they had to hear so much about it. Or if the flowers would match, or if I coordinated the right vendor team to kind of bring this vision to life. The whole planning process, I was so unsure of how, or if, it was even going to come together, if it was going to look good. But now, after the wedding is done, and looking back on the photos from that amazing day, I don’t want to like toot my own horn, but it looks so pretty!, It was beautiful and so many people who were in attendance said it was just one of the most beautiful weddings they’d ever been to, and everything everything looked great. And more than that, I think, the design and the feeling that we kind of created at that event, it captured the experience that I wanted the guests to have throughout the night. When I saw people taking off their shoes, and dancing, you know in the moonlight right next to the beach, it was just like YES – like I want to gift that beautiful evening to the people that I love the most. And I don’t know, knowing that I accomplished that when I previously thought that everything that had to do with that was not a skill of mine, was really a huge goal. But I think it’s worth writing down. So I’m so curious I want you to do the same thing – is there kind of anything intangible that maybe you accomplished this past year that you really should give yourself credit for?

And I just thought that was a great idea by Nadalie. She’s just full of those gems, and I’m so excited to dive into her Slay Your Goals planner. So let’s see. I actually kind of want to share with you because I just got it. I have it open right now. There’s a whole section…so let’s see here. There’s a whole section on setting your intention, choosing your goals. There’s one on creating 4 kind of mini goals. You have another section on planning your year, crushing year to do’s, and then how to review your goals. I mean, gosh that’s that that’s just like the whole process laid out. You know really quite simply and beautifully she has an eye for design really. And in each page just kind of takes you through the exact instructions. So I can’t wait to take this weekend and just sit down with it, organize all these dreams that are just kind of swirling around in my heart, and you know it’s kind of funny when I feel like when you do one of these workbooks or exercises, really it’s kind of like you’re going through that soul carwash, you know what I mean? The amount of clarity that you get in your life, you’re just squeaky clean when you come out after doing this work, it’s just so phenomenal. So if you want to get clear, you want to get motivated, and you want to feel directed this year with your goals. I would say you know Nadalie’s Slay Your Goals planner, you can get it at So that’s – S L A Y, try to say that three times fast! And let me know what it’s going for you. I’d love to hear. I’ll share with you how it’s going for me over the next couple of weeks, and I can definitely pass along your thoughts to Nadalie because I’m sure she would love to hear as well.

So thank you so much for listening today. Aww it was fun. So if you have anybody that you think could really benefit from this, maybe somebody that was talking about trying to accomplish some goals for the year, share this episode with them, send it to them. You can access it at or you know share it through the iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. And you know, I find with yearly goals, sometimes it’s really fun to share them with a friend, especially if you have a long distance bestie, or you know maybe you’re really close with your mom, or one of your sisters, or siblings, or brothers, and you want to and you want to share that with them. It’s a great way to stay connected and motivated, and also especially with people that are long distance, you can kind of share your life and share your dreams with with people that you care about, and that you know will support you. And that’s so important. I know when me and my sister, when we were doing this fitness program together earlier this year, it really just made me enjoy that goal so much more. You know, I was so sore – it made me feel less sore to pick up the phone and text her and be like, “Ughhh I hurt!” you know!? And so it makes the goal just so much more enjoyable, being able to share, and text, and talk with somebody that you love about it. So share this episode with them. Maybe you’ll kickstart your goal setting plan. Maybe you could do your yearly planning together. And of course, let me know how it goes. I mean I seriously think I get more excited about your goals, than I even do my own which I’m sure you can tell by my voice that might be a little hard to believe, but it is true. So take care, enjoy your goals, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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