Teachings from a Rockstar on How to Be Relentless with Your Goals [Goal Getters & Dream Doers]

Teachings from a Rockstar on How to Be Relentless with Your Goals

Episode 8, season 1 [Goal Getters & Dream Doers]


What does it mean to be relentless with your goals?

How can you muster the drive and the courage to continue to take action, even when it feels scary, uncomfortable or useless?

I feel like sometimes we look at other people and assume that drive and grit is for them and not for us. 

Today we share the beautiful and inspiring story of Hannah Zale – a young songstress with bigger than life vocal talent, and even greater ambition. She’s an unstoppable, relentless woman. She shares her triumphs, her dreams, her darkest moments, and the ways that her struggles have motivated her to dive into the music industry and make a name for herself through multiple music outlets.

Hannah and I explore how you can muster the motivation to keep going, even if you have to take continual action each day. She shares how you can learn to trust your intuition, when you can realize when “enough is enough” and you have to shift gears, and how to do the “soul work” that serves as the foundation for every goal and dream.

Plus, if you are looking for a tool that will help you track your progress on continual actions for your goals, I’ve created a Continuous Action Color Sheet Tracker free for you to download. Print out the tracker, gather your best color pencils or markers, and watch a beautiful, inspirational message appear, once you’ve tracked your goal actions over a determined amount of days. It’s a fun and beautiful way to track progress towards your dreams, and sustain your motivation over the long-term. You can access it in the Soultiply Free Tools & Resources Library.



♦ How she moved from having dreams of starring on Broadway, to wanting to create her own rock band

♦ How the act of auditioning can oftentimes cause you to pick yourself apart in unhealthy ways…

♦ How she got over trying to please everyone and found peace with making music that was authentic to her (even if there might be some haters…)

♦ How to find the “truth” in the comments from the haters…and use it to grow in your craft

♦ Recognizing that your family and friends aren’t always your target audience for your creative endeavors…and that’s okay!

♦ How Hannah decided to name her all-girls band “The Pussywillows” – despite criticism from some of her biggest supporters

♦ How Hannah realized that art is sometimes about upsetting people…but it’s also about forgiveness and mistakes

♦ How Hannah decided to trade in the notion of happiness, for something more fulfilling – peace and balance

♦ Hannah’s greatest accomplishments so far on her career journey

♦ How she accomplished her goal of surrounding herself with a team that supports her dreams – even when her Type-A tendencies made delegation a challenge

♦ How she learned to trust in other people’s expertise, so that she wouldn’t have to do it all

♦ Why it can be hard to trust in other team members, when they might not be as invested in your goals as you are

♦ How she structured her indie label contract, so that she could have leverage to sign with a major label in the future

♦ The traits she looks for in team members to help support her goals

♦ How Hannah found success with her goals by removing her subjectivity and looking at her artistry through the eyes of a product – “Pitch the product, don’t pitch the person”

♦ How she learned to pitch herself (her product) with confidence, by removing the personal aspects and focusing on her deep belief in an unrealized niche

♦ How Hannah’s Jewish culture contributed to one of her greatest character traits – her ability to be relentless

♦ Hannah shares a deeply personal story about her childhood…and how her relentless nature has been impacted by the pain she has endured

♦ How pursuing goals can be a way to heal and put your life back together

♦ The difference between anxiety and stress, and how Hannah utilizes stress to motivate herself, as a way to rid herself of the shame of past hauntings

♦ Is there ever a way to fulfill that part of you that is driven because you want to prove someone else wrong?

♦ How she recognizes that she will never be satisfied with her career goals – but how goals in other areas of her life might satisfy the need for unconditional love

♦ The meaning behind the Hebrew term “neshama” – your soul, and how it relates to your goals

♦ How a check-in with your soul should guide the way that you structure your to-do lists, your goals, and your life…

♦ Hannah’s prayer and journaling process, the foundation of her deeply important “soul work” – taking stock of the things that she is: grateful for, struggling with, needs, wants…and ending with the question of “How can I help?”

♦ How to embrace the duality you might feel inside and learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable

♦ Realizing that you can be at the top of the world, and at the bottom of the ocean with your goals – at the very same time

♦ Doing your soul work and asking the big WHY questions – “Why am I doing this? Why do I care? Why am I putting myself through this?”

♦ Why Hannah at times feels guilty…about feeling bad…about the life that she chose for herself (It’s confusing and we’ve all been there!)

♦ How Hannah became comfortable with tackling the relentless, repeated actions required for her goal (in this case, it’s pitching her bands to perform at venues)

♦ The mantra and advice that Hannah’s dad gave her a long time ago – “Work your plan, and plan your work”

♦ Hannah’s best advice for when you realize that something isn’t working for your goal, and you need to reevaluate your plan

♦ How to tap into your intuition, to know when to pull the plug on an action plan for your goal and try something new instead

♦ How to clearly communication your expectations and stand behind them in the name of your dreams

♦ How to communicate with intention and powerful words to ask for what you want

♦ How Hannah landed herself in the hospital, trying to be everything to everyone

♦ Hannah shares a real life example of how she has to juggle booking decisions between her 3 bands – looking out for her own dreams, while making sure that her team members feel supported

♦ Knowing when it’s time to be “the bitch” and make those hard calls, in order to support your dreams

♦ How Hannah plans to grow steady, slow and strong in 2018 by engaging with her biggest fans on a whole new level

♦ The new item (that I plan to buy!) from her merch line this year…

♦ Hannah shares all her goals for 2018 for her music career, and how she plans on “sinking in” to the music industry, by claiming her seat at the table



Zale – Hannah is the lead singer of this Atlanta-based alternative rock band

The Pussywillows – Hannah’s powerhouse duo with Carly Gibson

Madison Records – The indie label that recently signed Zale

Turnipblood Entertainment – Where Hannah works as a booking agent and where the Y2K coverband is booked

♦ Feel free to reach out to Hannah directly at hzalet [at] gmail [dot] com

Continual Action Color Sheet Tracker – Download the printable tracker by signing up for access to the Free Tools & Resources Library



ZALE is a boundary-pushing, unapologetic alternative rock 5 piece based in Atlanta, GA. Ethereal melody meets massive carnal beats and catchy rude riffs to deliver alternative music with moxie. This young indie group has sold out venues like Eddie’s Attic, The Georgia Theatre, and The 40 Watt Club, touring the southeast supporting debut release Fortress. ZALE is currently recording their second LP at Madison Records to be released fall 2017. ZALE opened for The Revivalists and Bright Light Social Hour, played Bragg Jam and Dogwood Festival and looks forward to a full fall tour schedule.

Fans have described their sound and live performance as fun, energetic, badass, fearless, edgy, tight, sensual, and dynamic. ZALE is comprised of distinguishable best friends: lead singer and eccentric powerhouse Hannah Zale, assertive guitarist Christian Gerner-Smidt, heavy-hitting drummer Alex Morrison, explosive bassist Jackson Reed Hodges, and elysian electric violist Melissa Loga. This band is a collaboration of contrasting influences coming together to create fresh rock music celebrating both nostalgia and indifference.

Zale is a “a haunting blend of Amy Winehouse and something Jack White would dig;” “soulful, sublime, and Southern”; and “a fiery combination of soul, grit, and Jack Daniels Honey” …get yourself a taste.



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