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Author: Loyd
Published: 29 Jun 2022

HSBC Security Codes for Internet Banking

A security code is a six-digit number. Push the grey button your secure key to view the security code. The security code is a time sensitive number that can change in 16 seconds.

You will be asked to enter a security code when you log on to HSBC's internet banking service and when you complete certain transactions within internet banking. If you are travelling overseas or within New Zealand, you should have your secure key with you. Your secure key is portable and robust, so you can clip it on a key ring to take with you anywhere.

HSBC will identify which device you have when you use your Secure Key. The serial number is not a security value, it is a way of identifying the device you have. A unique user ID is created when a secure key is activated.

When you enter a security code internet banking, the system compares it to the expected code within the file. You are granted access if they match. You will be asked to re-enter the security code if they don't match.

If you enter three incorrect security codes, your internet banking service will be temporarily locked out. The lock-out period can be used if the security code has been entered at logon or if the transaction is high-risk. If you are locked out of internet banking because of incorrect password, there is no need to take action.

Using IdB: A method to check bank statements for fraudulent transactions

It's important to check your bank statement or itemised bill for a term that isn't listed. You can contact your bank or utility provider via secure messaging on internet banking or over the phone. Keeping track of your finances should be easier with online statements and the rise of credit cards.

Getting on top of a budget is a challenge for many and if you can't identify statement acronyms, it's impossible. It's difficult to spot fraud before it's too late. Never assume that a charge on your bank statement is legit.

Fraudsters can hit you for a lot of money, and often use hard-to- understand jargon to commit their crimes. It is an effective way to spot suspicious transactions early. Banks are legally responsible for refunds of fraudulent transactions if it's proved that a customer was negligent.

Long-Term Delivery Problems

When you try to do big deliveries that run for a long time, you end up with a delivery that is not what you intended. Being able to deliver things in a way that people can change is important.

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