What Is Al Qaeda Goal?


Author: Richelle
Published: 20 Nov 2021

An Islamic State

An Islamic state is a government that is based on Islamic law. It is a term used to describe historical polities and theories of governance in the Islamic world.


The main goal of Al-Qaeda is to implement Islamic laws in Muslim nations, to rid the Muslim world of western influence, and to end American involvement in Muslim countries. Al-Qaeda has a list of their top goals, which include removing all Americans and their influence from Muslim countries. They want to destroy Israel, topple all pro-western dictatorships, and establish a nation that follows the dictates of the First Caliph.

The Islamic State and Al Qaeda

The Islamic State and Al Qaeda are fighting for power within their movement. The two organizations have different strategies and concerns. The threat they pose to the United States is different.

The threat to U.S. personnel overseas is high. The Islamic State is likely to follow in the footsteps of Al Qaeda and its affiliates, who have put them in their crosshairs. The risk is roughly the same, but the death they will get if captured is likely to be more gruesome than before.

The Taliban Regime in Afghanistan

The US and its allies invaded Afghanistan and together with the Afghan Northern Alliance, they removed the Taliban government from there. The US special forces and air support for the Northern Alliance ground forces destroyed a number of Taliban and al-Qaeda training camps, and much of the operating structure of al-Qaeda is believed to have been disrupted. After being driven from their key positions in Afghanistan, many al-Qaeda fighters tried to regroup in the rugged Gardez region.

The United States invaded Afghanistan in late 2001

The United States invaded Afghanistan in late 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. The US war in Afghanistan is also known as the conflict. Its public goal was to destroy al-Qaedand deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan.

Zoroaster: The founder of Zaragozanism

The founder of Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster, is thought to have lived and died in the region of Ariana in Afghanistan between 1800 and 800 BCE, which is when the religion is believed to have started. The name Afghanistan was written in 16th century writings by the Mughal rulers, who referred to the territory between the Afghans and the Indus River.

The State of the Middle East

Modern Islamic militancy is complex. Al-Qaeda is a set of values and ideology, not a single leader. The values and ideas of the militant are very different.

No two bombings are the same. The Madrid bombers chose not to kill themselves, unlike previous militant groups who killed themselves in order to convey their message. The Madrid attacks appear to be aimed at securing the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq.

Recent strikes by Islamic militant in Iraq are different than before. They make a statement about the vulnerability of the West and America's inability to protect its allies while demonstrating the faith of the bombers themselves, though their aim is short-term tactical gain. It is important to frighten unbelievers and to shame those Muslims who live their lives by values far removed from those of the fanatics.

Locals in Kashmir say that their oppression is part of a global campaign against Muslims. The war with Russia is seen as a way to eliminate Islam. An explanation for the state of the Middle East must be found.

If Islam is the perfect social system, the militant's logic says that something else must be to blame for the second-rate status of their lands. They blame the West for the failure of most Muslims to practice their religion with enough discipline and devotion. The bombs are designed to restore the pride of Muslims worldwide and to weaken the 'Crusaders' and their allies, which will lead to the return of the golden age of Islam.

Al Qaeda and Other Groups

Other groups are affiliated with Al Qaeda. The groups are known as Al Qaeda but have a different name for the region. The group is known as Al Qaeda in West Africa.

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