What Is Amazon Brand Registry?


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Published: 30 Oct 2021

Some Seller Central Views on Security of the $QED_2$ System'

Some Seller Central views are different. You might need to search around a bit to find the above view, it may be due to your permissions setting or account type.

Amazon Seller Brand Registry

Customers are more likely to see the correct information associated with your brand if you have more control over the Amazon product pages that use your brand name. After you complete your search, the Brand Registry will give you a way to submit a report of potential infringement that Amazon can review and take appropriate action on. The trademark for your brand must be a text-based mark or an image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers.

Depending on where your trademark is registered, eligible trademarks can have different classifications. If you meet eligibility requirements, you will be able to sign into the Amazon Seller Brand Registry. If you are a vendor on Amazon, you should use your credentials.

Amazon Brand Registry Revisited

Amazon Brand Registry has existed for several years in various forms but was recently overhauled. The program helps brands protect their product listings and offers additional tools to help them succeed. Any brand with a trademark can enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Creating an Account in the Seller Central

Most sellers have a fear of being hijacked by a random merchant, and this a common fear. Thousands of sellers go an extra mile to stay ahead of Amazon, which is a massive marketplace. One needs to have an account in the Seller Central to start.

Follow the steps written below once that is done. If you are a small manufacturing company, a sole distributor, or one that has a unique product for the market, it is highly recommended that you register your brand in the program. You will get a head start on your business with benefits like the EBC, the HSA.

Amazon Brand Registry Templates

Amazon Brand Registry is a great tool that can help sellers grow their businesses. There are a few steps brands have to take. You need to sign into the Amazon Brand Registry after your trademark application has been approved.

If you are already selling on Amazon, you don't need to create a new password or a new account, just use the same information to log in. The process of creating a brand page is much simpler with the help of several storefront templates. The sellers are responsible for uploading the images and media to the page and filling out the template.

A Trademark Lawyer for the Amazon Brand Registry

The new Amazon Brand Registry protects your products from counterfeiting and trademark hijacking. You can now use the new features that Amazon has to your advantage, including uploading your videos and photos to your product page, receiving your own Amazon URL and more. The company offers sellers who have registered their brands with the Amazon Brand Registry with new features that can help protect their intellectual property.

You will be able to conduct image and text searches and take advantage of the tools that will help you with suspected intellectual property rights violations. Business owners can trademark their brands. When you register your trademark, you will be given exclusive rights to use your mark in trade and across the country.

When your mark is protected through the federal trademark registration process, you will be able to control how it is used and who can use it as well as to prevent others from using it that is too similar to it. You will receive some added benefits with the trademark registration of the Amazon brand. It is possible to register a trademark to protect your company and customers.

It can protect you against trademark hijacking, which is when someone else can steal your mark and register it for them. International companies that sell goods to the US from their trademark can be prevented from doing so. Most businesses that register their marks do so with the help of experienced trademark lawyers, even though you are not required to have an attorney to help.

If you make mistakes, you will have to pay new application fees. People who get help from trademark attorneys are up to 50 times more likely to succeed. To ensure that your proposed mark is not too similar to other marks and that it complies with the federal trademark law, you can hire a trademark lawyer.

The Brand Registry Program

The program and tools provided are still in the early stages of development. Brand owners will be helped even more by the added features and benefits that Amazon will add to the Brand Registry. The Brand Registry program requires trademark registration in order to participate.

If you have recently filed for a trademark, you need to wait until your trademark issued before you can participate in Brand Registry. If you want to be part of the Brand Registry program, you should get your trademark application filed as soon as possible, because it can take 6 months or longer to complete. The time it takes to get a trademark approved varies based on how busy the USPTO is.

You can see the time it takes to process an application. The first question will be about your trademark registration. If your trademark is not registered in the US, you can use the drop down menu to choose from offices in Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom and Europe.

A Trademark Search in the Amazon Brand Registry

A trademark search will look at everything that is already registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or used in the marketplace to determine if someone else is already using a trademark that is similar in sight, sound, meaning, or overall commercial impression. The written portions of the trademark should match the trademark the seller is using on Amazon for the same goods and services being sold on Amazon. The Amazon Brand Registry is a great reason to register your trademarks as soon as possible.

Do-it-yourself services and low-cost filing services don't provide the personalized experience you would get from hiring a trademark attorney. When drafting a trademark application, there are many pitfalls that can come up, and having an experienced attorney to help avoid them can be the difference between a trademark registration and a denial. The attorneys at Gerben Law Firm are available for a free consultation.

A Name for a Product on Amazon

Once you have put in your information, you will be motivated to put in a name for your product on Amazon. You will be asked to choose a price range for the item so that you can find the best value for your product.

Selling on Amazon

Selling your products on Amazon will increase your customer base. It increases your risk of being a counterfeiter. It is possible to protect your brand on the Amazon platform by having a trademark and being a member of the Amazon Brand Registry.

If you sell on Amazon, you should join the registry. You can't enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry without a trademark. You can register with Amazon if you have a trademark.

It also protects your brand company goodwill from those who would want to profit from it. You can sell on Amazon without joining the brand registry. It comes with a few risks.

Amazon: Where are we going?

Amazon is no longer the place for brands to target shoppers that are ready to buy because of the updates that have already been rolled out. The goal is to convert a wider audience, capture leads at every stage of the funnel, and still create a seamless experience. As the platform grows, more sellers and brands should consider Amazon an important part of their business development strategy, not just a quick win sales channel.

3. The Product Grid is a simple layout that allows you to show a wide range of products, display prices, and give the option to share your store in social media. Amazon has a lot of invested in brands and dealers.

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