What Is Aol Tray Launcher?


Author: Lisa
Published: 10 Nov 2021

A note on the.exe extension

The.exe extension is used to indicate an file. Executable files can harm your computer. If you want to know if the AolTrayApp.exe is a file that you should remove from your computer, or if it is a trusted application, please read below.

Average User Rating of aoltray.exe

The average user rating of aoltray.exe was based on 3 votes and 3 user comments. A user thinks aoltray.exe is essential for Windows. 2 users think it's not essential.

Desktop Gold

You don't have to waste time looking through your Start menu to launch Desktop Gold when you can have the shortcut ready and waiting for you on your desktop. You can add it to your desktop with a few clicks.

Ghacks: A Technology News Site

All icons on the taskbar are centered as well as the Start menu, which is the default feature in Windows 11. Centering of content is not a new concept, as there are plenty of third-party solutions that can do that, such as Center Taskbar, Taskbar Dock, or FalconX. You cannot change the position of the taskbar anymore.

The location that is available is at the bottom of the screen. The times of placing the taskbar on the side or at the top are over. Microsoft did not comment on the decision, but one possible explanation is that the other designs interfered with the new centered position of the Start menu, and that the removal of the options was the cheaper solution.

The taskbar is still in place, but the one on the bottom of the screen is no longer. You can open the settings by right-clicking on the taskbar. The ability to drag and drop shortcut keys on the taskbar was removed by Microsoft.

When you try to do it on a Windows 11 system, you get a "denied" icon and can't complete the task. Windows 11 is still in development and some things could be changed by Microsoft before or after it is released. Microsoft will likely go ahead with the function-reduced taskbar in Windows 11.

If there is enough user outcry, features could be introduced. You are the one who is ignorant. If you click, you will see the desktop.

Adding an Event to Google Calendar

If you have multiple calendars, you can click the box to the right of the calendar entry to select a calendar for the event. The events on different calendars will be highlighted on the panel here. You can add your account to the Calendar if you use the Google Calendar.

Windows will be synchronized with your calendar. Any changes you make on your PC will be uploaded to your account at the same time as any changes you make elsewhere. You can choose which calendar you want to place the calendar event in.

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