What Is Chase Quickpay With Zelle?


Author: Loyd
Published: 16 Aug 2022

Chase QuickPay: A Free, Secure Way to Send Money

Money apps like Cash App and Venmo are popular ways to send money to friends. Chase QuickPay is a convenient option for Chase Bank customers to transfer money. Chase QuickPay is a free, secure way to send and receive money through Zelle, a person-to-person payment service available to almost anyone with an account at participating banks and credit unions.

Zelle is a Mobile Banking App

Zelle works with banks. You can send and receive money in a few moments. You can send money to the recipient via email or mobile phone.

There is no new app to download or take additional steps to use because the benefits of sending and receiving money are already in the Chase Mobile app. It's easy to send money to friends and family if you sync your contacts from your phone. You can split the bill and set up recurring payments from the mobile app.

Chase QuickPay with Zelle

Chase Pay allows a customer to make payments using their phone at participating retailers and redeem their Chase Ultimate rewards points for a statement credit, but Chase QuickPay with Zelle is different.

Chase QuickPay: A New Feature for Zelle

Chase's QuickPay feature is powered by Zelle, which was launched in the middle of last year. Zelle Pay allows you to transfer funds to other people who don't have a Chase account. Chase QuickPay is even more useful now.

You will need to verify your account after you receive a security code. You are ready to use Chase QuickPay once you do that. The request and split feature allows you to split payments with up to 15 recipients.

You can input the total amount of money that you want from them by selecting their accounts. You can enter the amount of the bill and then ask for it to be split evenly among the recipients, or you can request money from them individually. You can use Chase QuickPay on the mobile app.

Chase Pay and Chase QuickPay are not the same. Chase Pay is a separate app that allows you to have express checkout. Chase QuickPay is a feature in the main Chase mobile app.

You don't have to download any additional apps to use Chase QuickPay. The Chase app has a feature that allows you to split money between requests and send money, and you can do a hard press on the icon. The transfer limits are based on the account you are sending funds from.

Zelle: A New Tool for Non-Chasing Consumers

Millions of consumers have access to Zelle through their financial institution, so even non-Chase customers can use it. No money is needed. Send your U.S. mobile number or email to Zelle to receive payments from customers or pay suppliers.

Transfers and Non-transfer rates

If transfers are made after 7 pm on business days. Usually arrive on the second business day. The fee for instant deposits is $0.25 per request. Transactions with a fee are usually completed within 30 minutes.

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