What Is Cn Zoning?


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Published: 18 Feb 2022

Side yards for residentially-zoned properties

Side yards are required at each side of every lot that is adjacent to a residentially-zoned property or property designated as residential in the general plan. The side yard must be at least ten feet in width.

Redevelopment Projects and Approval

Depending on the type of work involved, a redevelopment project can often require some sort of approval. A sign permit is a permit that may be required for a project. More approvals may be required as projects become more complex.

The Laws of the Mixed Neighborhood

The laws can be used to regulate lot sizes and protect wildlife. They can limit the number of animals that can be on the property. Residential zones can only allow for domestic pets, such as dogs and cats, while rural zones can have horses, cows or sheep.

Residential areas can be protected from disruptions associated with commercial or home-based businesses. Residential zones include co-op and rental apartments, condominiums, mobile home parks and single- family homes. Home-based businesses may be allowed in some residential zones.

Regulations for noise, operational hours, parking and signage can be included. R' is a code used for residential zones. Historic zones can often contain buildings and residences that are 50 years old.

Home maintenance, preservation and restoration may be subject to stricter rules in the historical land use regulations. The National Register was established by the National Historic Preservation Act to help identify, evaluate and protect historic buildings. Federal tax credits and deductions may be available to historic zone homeowners.

The Tax Map and the Zoning Plan

The base of the Tax Map is used to calculate the numbers of thezoning Map. To find your tax map number, you can use the Tax Assessor's Real Property Data Search website or use the Zoning Index Map below.

Zoning: A Community Zone

A lot of communities use letters and numbers to designate what type of development is allowed in a certain area. C-2 is a level 2. It usually covers general commercial, office and retail usage, but there may be limits on what kinds of businesses can be opened in the C-2 zone.

Each community has its own way of doing things. Rules about lot sizes, building heights, delivery times and other standards are covered by the Zoning. The idea is to protect residents from noise and disruption and to preserve the character of the neighborhood.

There are different symbols for zone among communities. A C-2 zone in one community will not be the same as a C-2 zone in another. If you are planning on opening a commercial business, you should check the local laws with the local planning agency to make sure that a C-2 designation is needed.

Buying an Appropriate Land

Buying vacant land can be exciting. If you don't investigate how the property is being used, you might find that it's not allowed to build a home or open a shop. If the land is also in an "aesthetic" zone, you might need to use certain paint colors and building materials, build within certain height parameters, or submit building plans for approval of a review committee before starting construction.

The local governmental offices that deal with land use andzoning can give you a copy of the map. To make sure other allowed uses don't pose a problem, look at the zone of nearby properties. If you don't want to live near a farm or factory, make sure the nearby properties don't allow for such uses.

An experienced real estate attorney in the area can help you decipher the language of the ordinances or determine which are applicable. Obtaining a waiver, variance, orzoning change will likely involve a lot of paperwork, fees, and time. There is no guarantee of success.

If the prohibited use is important to you, you might want to look for a different property. If you are buying a property that is set on a particular area, you should include a clause in the land purchase contract that requires you to get a waiver or change of use before you can buy it. If you are not satisfied with the situation, you cancel the contract and get the money back from your earnest money deposit.

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