What Is Cnn Saying Today?


Author: Loyd
Published: 9 Nov 2021

The Taliban and the First Afghan General Relatives

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan and the capital city of Kabul fell. CNN is under fire for not airing a report that was graphic. A reporter is wearing a gas mask and goggles.

The impact of the Mueller probe on Russian business and energy

The broad scope of the measure, which would snap stiff sanctions on Russia's banking and energy sectors if the director of national intelligence found evidence of interference in the election, could have spillover effects that would hit US businesses. Cecilia Vega, the senior White House correspondent for ABC News, is now weighing in on the topic of whether or not Russia is still targeting the US.

Stabenow: A House-Passed Resolution to the Debt Ceiling Problem

The proposal from McConnell to stave off the debt ceiling deadline is still being drafted and could be voted on later Wednesday or Thursday, according to Sen. Stabenow. The Senate is expected to vote later today on whether to advance a House-passed bill to suspend the nation's debt limit until December 2022, which Republicans are expected to block.

The Gimcracks of the Modern Universe

For the past decade, you guys have treated the banalities of the modern world as extra-special gimcracks. You are reading on TV. On election coverage nights, your anchor is like a cat chasing a laser pointer.

You made the person who was on television demonstrate the flick. " You replaced Larry King with Piers Morgan.

Campbell Brown was replaced with "Parker- Spitzer." "Parker- Spitzer" was a complete trainwreck, and no one seemed particularly committed to allowing Kathleen Parker to participate in or emerge from the experience with her dignity intact. The show became "In The Arena with Eliot Spitzer".

Climate Change: The Next Big Threat

CNN will now focus on convincing the public that climate change is the next big threat. The China virus scare is old news and not working anymore.

Why police officers should not be at home

Democrats want to change a filibuster. The Democrats want to change Senate rules so they can use 50 votes to pass things like the voting rights bill or Biden's massive infrastructure package. When people talk about ending the filibuster, they really mean that they will change Senate rules to make it easier for legislation to pass by a simple majority.

The CNN Reporter on the "Realization of Racism and Inappropriacy"

The CNN reporter claimed that the critics of the race theory thought it meant that White students would be taught that all White people are bad and racist.

Comment on "Analysis of the CNN 'Congress is against Discrimination and Propagating in Space"

With a straight face, Stelter defended CNN by questioning who may have said that, before redirecting the point by citing the internet to claim people are allowed to discuss what they want.

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