What Is Discord Thread?


Author: Richelle
Published: 22 May 2022

Discord - The Fast Change of Conversations

If you are a regular user of the Discord service, you already know how quickly a single conversation can change into seven different ones. The entire channel is filled with messages with random topics and discussions. That is the problem that the Discord threads are trying to solve.

Your thread is live! You can go to the created thread by visiting the same channel and clicking on it. Feel free to message and chat with other users, without the worry of the main channel getting cluttered.

If you get stuck, you can see the GIF. You can either discover new threads or jump back into an existing thread on your server. You can easily find any thread that was created in a channel.

Unarchiving a thread

Sometimes it feels like an ocean with walls of text rapidly flooding your screen. It can be hard to follow interesting conversations in the middle of other conversations. Threads allow multiple topics in a channel to exist and grow with their own dedicated space temporarily without having to commit to a new channel for the server.

Seeing Private Threads in the Desktop and Browser App

You can see active threads on the desktop and browser app by hovering over the channel name in the sidebar and clicking the See All option. The max number of server members that can be added to a private thread is 100, and the max number of roles you can mention in a private thread is 10.

Discord Threads

You can hang out with your online friends and take part in various communities on the platform. You can have a hard time talking in a populated server where people send messages every minute. A branched conversation that doesn't show up in the main chat is called a Discord Thread. The purpose of a thread is to make sure that anyone can discuss a topic in detail without being overwhelmed by the channel.

Modifying the CP-violating threads section

Since threads are a new surface to consider when moderating, the community was given the chance to choose where and how they can be used. Not every community wants every member to be able to create a thread. People can be removed from threads. New permission for threads can be adjusted by members.

Threads on the server

It was high time to introduce Threads on the server. A separate feed is created for threaded conversations. The admins of the server will have full control over who can participate in threads.

Slack: A Social App for Connecting People

The service that uses voice, video, and text to connect people is called Slack. They claim to make work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive by focusing on business users. They have over 169,000 paid users.

The Fortune 100 companies use a messaging service. Both Slack and Discord let you know about messages from your channels. You can get more options for what notifications you get.

You can set up a set of keywords and get an alert when someone uses them. It is easier to set up a bot on Slack. There are lots official integrations with bots.

Third-party developers make most of the Discord bots. Some of the Discord bots are easy to add and manage, but others require special permission and coding skills. There is a text formatting tool in Slack.

It has the same options as Discord but is more accessible for people who don't have a lot of computer skills. You can use the markup if you prefer. You can block anyone on the platform if you click their name in the shared server.

Towards an Efficient Implementation of Chaotic Slack Communication

To switch to the thread side view, hit the T to use the up and down arrows. You can use E to find and edit your own messages. It's disappointing that it's hard to convince the companies management to switch from chaotic Slack communication to something better for async and organised communication because clients are used to it.

The Discord App

You can either install the app or run it in your browser after you've created a Discord account. The app gives you many more options and is a must for anyone who wants to run a server. You can either create a new server yourself or join a pre-existing one by using an invitation code.

A valid server name is all it takes to create a server. The official website for the Discord app is available for Windows and Mac computers, and can be accessed by download or in-browser. The browser version has limitations, like not being able to bring up the in-screen overlay while you're playing games or doing other things.

Even if your server doesn't have a single human moderation, you can use automated admin and moderation tools to keep things in check. The usual culprits like PUBG and Minecraft accounting for some of the biggest groups can be found on a very big server. You will need as many tools as you can get to prevent a certain internet flavor from showing up.

A well-managed Discord server is similar to an organized message board with locked announcement and guideline threads up top and several more specific locations for people to gather down below. The difference is that voice chat is enabled on most channels. If you plan to play with a few friends, it's a good idea to use a tool like Discord to keep an eye on who's available to play.

Users don't have to check three different programs to see who's online and what everyone is doing if they know what game you're playing on Discord. If you have a large audience on your streamer, Discord is a great place to manage it. A chat window on twitch does not give viewers as much flexibility as a Discord one.

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