What Is Ebay Vero?


Author: Artie
Published: 15 Nov 2021

eBay VeRO

What is eBay VeRO? The program VeRO is for "verified rights owner" and it allows the owners of intellectual property to report eBay listings that may violate their rights.

VeRO: Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are the focus of the VeRO program. Pricing and contract issues are not reported outside of intellectual property issues. The intellectual property owner or its attorney can make a report.

eBay Trademark Laws and Intellectual Property Rights

eBay has millions of active users. It has no way of knowing if sellers have the right to sell their products because of the huge amount of transactions happening every day. If the owner has previously authorized them, they can include logos in their listing descriptions.

Creating a logo similar to an existing one might result in trademark violation. The misrepresentation of an item's warranty is a violation of trademark laws. Material information about the warranty of a product is something you should never tell the wrong thing about.

If you want to mention the warranty in your listing, you should read the T&Cs and contact the manufacturer. Product re-selling can sometimes break a warranty agreement. If you sell products that are not the case, you would be in violation of the policy.

Authors of creative works such as movies, music, software, photographs, and books, are protected by Copyright. The author's permission is needed for others to use the work. It is against the law to use someone else's image or description without their permission.

Unauthorized copies of media products, software or paintings is a violation of the law. A patent is a set of rights granted to an inventor. Patents give you the right to stop others from using or selling your invention.

eBay Rules and Copyrights

If you violate eBay's rules, you are likely to be suspended for a long time, but if you accidentally use copyrighted text in your listing, you could be warned. The listing will be removed in all cases.

Using Counter-Notice to Attack Wrongful Removal

A counter-notice can be used to fight wrongful removal. The counter-notice allows sellers to request eBay to remove a post. eBay will give a copy of the notice to the VeRO member once a valid counter-notice is received.

If the rights owner doesn't file a court action against the seller within ten days, eBay will re-list the post. The VeRO program seems to be viewed positively by rights holders. It is easy to complete a NOCI.

eBay Customer Support Does Not Respond to a Report of Transaction Fraud

eBay Customer Support claims that it shows that less than 1% of transactions result in a confirmed case of fraud. A dispute can be filed with eBay when a user feels that a seller or buyer has been dishonest. If there are too many complaints against a seller, they may be suspended. eBay used to allow sellers to give negative feedback to buyers.

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