What Is Entertainment Allowance In Income Tax?


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Published: 2 Feb 2022

Partially Taxable Contributions to the Cost of Living in Metro Cities

The overtime allowance is given to employees who work beyond the normal working hours in their job. Seasonal demand or project deadlines can cause such situations. The overtime allowance is not deductible.

Dearness allowance is paid to employees who move from the city to another for a job. The allowance helps them to deal with inflation related expenses and the difference in cost of living for employees living in different towns and cities. The company provides City Compensatory Allowance to its employees to help them with the high cost of living in major cities.

The allowance is used to retain employees in places where the cost of living is higher than other places. The allowances which are partially exempt from tax to a certain limit are called partially taxable allowances. Some examples of partially taxed allowances are listed below.

Non-deductibility of the entertainment allowance

The entertainment allowance is included in the salary income and then a deduction is provided based on a few criteria. The allowance must be granted by the employer to the taxpayer. Non government employees can't deduct the entertainment allowance.

The Basic Salary of an Employee

The basic salary of the employee is used to calculate the allowance amount. The basic pay will between 30% and 60% of the salary. If employees work more than their fixed hours, they get overtime allowance.

The salary structure of an employee includes allowances. It is provided with the basic salary. It depends on the employer and can be different from company to company.

Managing payroll is difficult. There are many moving pieces and different perspectives to think about. Payroll processing can be a lot of work, from managing employees to ensuring compliance, from generating payslip to depositing salary in bank.

The amount spent towards entertainment expenses is irrelevant for deduction

The amount spent towards entertainment expenses is irrelevant for the purpose of deduction. The deduction will be minimum of the above 3 limits if the Government employee spends the entire amount of entertainment allowance or more than the entertainment allowance received is spent on entertainment for official purposes.

Annuity of a property under Income Tax Act, 1961

Taxpayers are aware of deduction under the Income Tax Act, 1961, but they are unaware of taxability of various allowances and exemptions available to them under different sources of income. The certificate of completion of construction of the property is obtained from the competent authority and the annual value of such property for the period up to two years from the end of the financial year is nil. 50% of additional depreciation will be allowed in the year of acquisition and the balance will be allowed in the next year if an asset is acquired and put to use for less than 180 days.

Comment on Exemption from special compensatory allowance for an employee's work in the presence of obstruction to employment due process"

Mr. Kumar is working. The company is called Essem. He has been given a car for free by the company, apart from his basic salary and allowances.

Income from Other Sources is not the same as income and Salaries

Income from Other Sources is not the same as Income from Salaries. If a person is a Minister of State or Central Government, it will be considered as salary and will be treated under the Income from Salaries. The perquisite value will be calculated if a gift voucher or token is equal to the value of the gift. The gift can be given to the employee or his family from the employer.

On the Lie Algebraic Structure of Spacetime

6. Some professions demand an employee to keep up with the latest news in their field. Employees can purchase newspapers, books, periodicals and submit actual bills for reimbursement.

It is not subject to income tax on actuals. The max limit is Rs 1000 per month. There are 8.

If your normal place of duty is not fixed, you have to travel to different places. If you are absent from your normal place of duty, your employer can include Daily Allowance to meet your daily charges. Reimbursement is not taxed against actual bills.

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