What Is Entertainment News?


Author: Lisa
Published: 26 Dec 2021

What is "Entertainment News"?

CNN has started calling anything "Entertainment News", which is not nice. They kept leading the entertainment news show with the Octo-mom before there was any talk of a reality show for her. The story of the Octo-mom was reported on even though it had nothing to do with entertainment.

CNN is the most popular news source. News stories are often sensationalized to attract the lowest common denominator viewer who likes scandal and gossip. Don't report on their dating patterns, adoptions, political rants, and party lives.

The humanitarian crisis in Myanmar

The humanitarian crisis in the country of Myanmar was the focus of a CBS show on Sunday, March 25, which focused on the plight of children and the people facing gruesome government hostility. It is a story that could be reported on weekly, along with other stories of global consequence.


Entertainment is a form of activity that engages the audience and gives them pleasure. It can be an idea or a task, but it is more likely to be an event that has been developed over thousands of years to keep an audience's attention. Most forms of entertainment are familiar and recognisable because people have different preferences.

In all cultures, different kinds of performance exist, and they were supported in royal courts, developed into sophisticated forms and made available to all citizens. The entertainment industry has accelerated the process in the modern era. Entertainment can be adapted to suit any size party, from a small one to a large one, with appropriate music and dance, and performances intended for thousands.

Most countries have made it illegal to perform public executions. Fencing or archery used to be used in hunting or war. In the same way, cooking has developed into performances among professionals, staged as global competitions and then broadcast for entertainment.

It is considered work or an act of cruelty if entertainment is provided for one group or individual. Children's needs and interests can be tailored to most forms of entertainment. The work of G. Stanley Hall, who was often criticized but still important, was the first to link the study of development and the "new" laboratory psychology.

The stories and activities in books, film, and video games were developed for child audiences. The rise of digital entertainment and the special needs of children have led to the development of television content rating systems to guide the public and entertainment industry. Video games are played using a controller.

The Project: A Showcase for Hard News and Soft news

The Herald Sun is the highest selling newspaper in Australia and the soft news genre is one of the most sought after genres among the general public. The Project is a show on Channel Ten that broadcasts hard news and soft news. The 7PM Project has a mix of news headlines, entertainment news, comedy and star interviews which has grasped the attention of younger audiences who are more interested in soft news than serious stories.

The idea of what makes a headline seems to be misconstrued by the show itself, as it seems to keep a well-balanced mix of elements mentioned previously. Major events which impact the public are often included in the opening of news broadcasts or in the front pages of a paper if the story is newsworthy. The Project proves that the idea of newsworthiness is changing, with celebrity and entertainment news often making the headlines.

What is News and what Is Not

What is news and what is not news? How do they decide between a big news story and a small one? They do it the same way as everyone else.

Everyone makes the same judgments when they talk about one event over another. The same event can have different levels of interest in different societies. If a wall collapses, killing a cow and pig, which is more important?

The answer will vary from society to society, depending on the importance of cows and pigs. It cannot be news if it is not new. The assassination of Mrs Gandhi is interesting and significant, but it cannot be reported in tomorrow's papers because it is not new.

Things are happening all the time, but not all of them are news. A man wakes up, eats breakfast and goes to work on a bus, but nobody wants to read about it because it is not unusual. Ordinary and everyday things are not news.

Events which are new and unusual are not of general interest. Scientists may say that an insect has just been found on a plant that it had never been to before. The event is unusual but not likely to interest anyone other than a specialist or enthusiast.

Live entertainment during the Coronaviruses

Live entertainment has moved online during the coronaviruses, and new ideas are being created to give us back some of the human connection we've lost. Sir Tom said that he was fascinated by the format of the play, which was a new kind of theatre where you stay home and live theatre comes to you. Virtual screens and background can create settings that are difficult to recreate in real life. "I'm really enjoying it because it feels like a new box of tricks, a new way of telling stories," says Seaton.

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