What Is Face Of The Group In Kpop?


Author: Albert
Published: 4 May 2022

Center of the group

Center has to be in the middle of the group. The center member has the most screen-time in the entire show, even on stages, in an interview, or in a photoshoot. centers are blamed for stealing the spotlight from other members.

K-pop stars: The unofficial plastic surgery capital of the world

According to The New Yorker, as many as one in three South Korean women have gone under the knife, making it the unofficial plastic surgery capital of the world. The city has anImprovement Quarter where there are as many as 500 clinics within a square mile offering a variety of procedures at increasingly affordable prices. The nation's obsession with surgery is due to its music scene, where the norm is for enhancements to be made.

While it was once a secret that many K-pop stars underwent procedures in large numbers, a growing number of them are going public about their physical alterations. Some celebrities had plastic surgery. K-pop groups are formed via large-scale auditioning process similar to shows such as American Idol, which is why they differ from the majority of Western counterparts.

Lisa's Face

What is the face shape of Lisa? The fans compared Lisa's past and present pictures to prove the plastic surgery accusation was false. Her birthday is on March 27th 1997.

The IZ*ONE Group: A Pair of Faces

There are two types of faces in the group: a round-shaped face and a baby-faced type. Both of them have a button nose. When they are smiling, those parts make them cuter.

You might think that they are brothers when you see them together. They have a baby face look, but they are not the youngest member in the group. Jimin and Euijin are both talented in dancing and look alike.

They have the same hair color and are smiling. Jimin has plump lips, while Euijin has thin lips. IZ*ONE Eunbi and RED VELVET Irene are both beautiful.

NCT 2018: The SM Entertainment Young Band EXO

SM Entertainment, one of the top and biggest agencies in South Korea, created the boy band, EXO. Their first single, Mama, was a hit and their rise to fame is largely due to their title track from their first studio album. A boy band called MONSTA X was formed in South Korea.

The group is a result of a reality show called No Mercy. They made their debut with a song. Jopping is a combination of the words jumping and popping which has heavy pop influences with references to Brit-pop sounds.

It is a group of people who are talented in a variety of genres. They performed the song on a showcase at the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles and then made their American TV Debut on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The group is made up of people from different SM Entertainment boy bands.

The M stands for Matrix and Master because each member is already an established star in their respective groups. SM Entertainment announced NCT 2018, a project that involves all 18 members and added 3 new members, in January of last year. On March 14, 2018, they released their first full length album.

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