What Is Facebook Horizon?


Author: Lorena
Published: 6 Jul 2022

The Community of Virtual Worlds

You can explore virtual worlds as they evolve and grow, but you can also discover new things that interest you. You can connect with people from all over the world to solve puzzles, play team sports, test your imagination, and create new worlds together. You can build things to see and places to visit in the same place.

Virtual Reality Office with Your Own Design

You can enter a virtual reality office with your own design. You can see your computer screen and keyboard in the workroom, interact with your co-workers, and give presentations in the same way you would in a meeting room.

Facebook Town Square

Facebook will shut down its existing social virtual reality experiences on October 25 as part of the launch. The first two virtual reality rooms, called Spaces and Oculus Rooms, were launched in the last two years. Both felt like lobby waiting rooms with a few social features that were meant to be a preamble to full-fledged virtual reality games.

In contrast, the goal of the program is to be a destination, not a novelty. The town square will be the location of Facebook's centralized hub. Before people step in, they can choose how they look and what they wear from an expansive and inclusive set of tools.

What is a company name?

Companies change their names while they expand. In 2005, Facebook changed its name to what it is now.

The Guardian is still there

You can still create the Guardian, which is a border that you set where you are free to move without being in a room. The Guardian uses Passthrough+ cameras to see the room while wearing a headset. You use your controller to draw an outline on the floor.

The Facebook Virtual-Reality Remote Work App

The virtual-reality remote work app by Facebook was launched on August 19. It allows users to call into company meetings, interact with their colleagues in virtual reality mode, all from the comfort of their own home. Up to 16 people can use the app at a time, and up to 50 in calls, including video participants.

Facebook and the Real Money

The real money comes from other sources than the hardware that Facebook sells. On the earnings call, Facebook's goal is to sell its headsets as cheaply as possible and focus on making money through commerce and advertising within the metaverse itself. Facebook has a virtual reality division.

The limited capabilities of the headsets make them less useful today. The hope is that the headsets look like a pair of glasses instead of a clunky helmet. The metaverse will only work if the hardware can give the user a sense of presence in the digital world, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

The New Virtual World for the HTC One

The company announced on Wednesday that it will launch a new virtual world for the headsets early next year. The Oasis game in the book "Ready Player One" is a game where virtual reality users around the globe interact with one another in a virtual world. "In the future, you're going to be able to build your own world, you're going to be able to play games, you're going to be able to explore, and you're going to be able to hang out with your friends and meet new people,"

The 'Horizon" virtual reality social space

The successor to Facebook's first virtual reality social space, called 'Spaces', is called 'Horizon' and is set to provide a more engaging environment from which people will be able to begin their virtual reality experiences. The launch of the testing for the headset is a sign of the growing popularity of the device. Projections suggest that the adoption of virtual reality will rise in the coming years, but recent moves suggest that it may ramp up quicker than thought.

You can bet that marketers interest will rise quickly if that happens. In a new way, virtual reality can be used to showcase your brand connect with users. The future of virtual reality is starting to become clearer.

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