What Is Fedex Indirect Signature?


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Published: 18 May 2022

A Signed Confirmation of Delivery at FedEx

The driver will leave a door tag with space at the bottom where you can sign the person. If you sign the door tag, the driver will retrieve it the next day and leave the package. They will take it to a FedEx location near your place.

The address and hours of business you can pick up will be on the back of the door tag. If you know of a place where the delivery driver can leave your package safely, you can give FedEx a signed confirmation that will allow them to leave there. FedEx may attempt delivery if there is no one eligible at the address.

The U.S. recipients must have a photo identification issued by the government. You will see the charges for the shipment if you pay for it. The signature and extra information may not be available in some countries.

The signature proof delivery letter will show it if it is not available. You can call FedEx customer service after seven days if you still don't have a signature. If the sender or slayer signs a signature release agreement, the signature may not be available.

FedEx Delivery Manager

FedEx does not require a signature for many shipments. FedEx will still try to get a signature at the delivery address. FedEx may leave a package in a safe place without a signature if no one is available to sign it.

The driver will try to deliver the package up to three times if a signature is required. The driver was unable to leave the package due to signature requirements or felt the package was not safe to deliver if a label had been applied to the back of the tag. FedEx may no longer automatically re attempt delivery in those situations, and the package will be held for you at a nearby FedEx location.

The pickup location address, business hours and time will be listed on the door tag. The door tag and photo ID are required for pickup. If you want FedEx to try again, call 1.800.463.3339.

If you sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager, you can request to hold your package at a FedEx location for you to pick it up. If you missed a delivery and received a door tag, you should follow the instructions on the door tag to make your delivery. If you need an indirect signature for your shipment, you can sign it electronically through the FedEx Delivery Manager app or on fedex.com, but you can't sign it electronically for packages with an adult signature.

You must sign in person for certain requirements. If you have to sign for a package, you can. You can find out if your shipment requires a signature by looking at the tracking information that is sent from the sender or the shipment's tracking number on fedex.com.


A signature is a type of written name. It is different from printed writing, where the purpose is to make letters readable. It is different from an autograph, where the uniqueness is for artistic purposes.

FedEx Signatures and Delivery Times

FedEx requires signatures from someone at the delivery address, a neighbor, a building manager or the recipient, or a FedEx Door Tag if the recipient is not present. Most customers have noticed that their devices are shipping directly from China, but Apple is overestimating their delivery times. The customer says their watch is expected to arrive tomorrow.

FedEx signature options for hold at a location

They are required for many shipments. If your company ships high value package goods, you will need to consider using the Signature Required Delivery Services. Both FedEx and United Parcel Service offer signature delivery options.

FedEx delivery signature options are not available for hold at FedEx location shipments. The FedEx Delivery Signature option must be used for all pieces of a multiple-package shipment. All shipments with a declared value of US$500 or more need a signature.

How to Sign a FedEx Door Tag

The recipient can sign a FedEx door tag if they want, but they need to get a signature from someone in one of three ways.

Proof Delivery for High-End Goods

Some sellers who rely on proof delivery for high-end goods are breathing a sigh of relief. After shipping carriers suspended physical signatures, they are making a comeback.

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