What Is Fedex Text Number?


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Published: 11 Dec 2021

FedEx is Not a Customer Service Center

FedEx does not send emails or text messages to customers asking for money. The statement said that any suspicious text messages should be reported to abuse@fedex.com.

Walmart Text Scam

Sounds great, right? Nope! If you send your banking details over, someone will be able to steal from you and you will be vulnerable to scamming.

Banking information should never be sent through non-bank means. Walmart text scam is one where you are sent a survey about your experience at Walmart. You have to follow a link to the survey and input personal information to complete it.

FedEx Scam: A New Approach to Using Preferences Setters in Email and Text Communications

FedEx is warning customers about a new scam in which people receive text messages or emails with a link to set delivery preferences that tries to get them to enter their credit card information.

Blocking Scam Texts in Your Cellular Data

If you get hit with a scam text, you can help prevent others from being targeted by reporting the number in your phone's app store, which should help your wireless provider block the scam text before it reaches your phone.

FedEx and the Delivery of Packages

If you are waiting for a package to arrive, you may want to think twice about opening delivery updates that are sent to you. Tom Hanson of CBS New York says FedEx and Amazon are warning customers about a new scam. People across the U.S. are receiving text messages that claim to be from FedEx and ask them to set delivery preferences.

It's a new example of a growing scam called "smishing" in which fraudsters send messages from well-known companies or trusted sources to try to obtain phone access and personal information from their targets. The scheme is powered by the short message service, or texting, and is similar to the scam email. Duino said people who click on the link are taken to a fake survey on Amazon.

Before you can remove anything, make sure you don't click on any links in the email or text message that you receive. If you get a message that says you missed a package delivery or someone wants to verify that you'll be home when a shipment arrives, take a deep breath. You can block that number from texting you again, or report that email as a nuisance through your email program, and try to make sure that address doesn't reach you again.

That will open up a new drop down. Click on "Info." That will open a new screen with the words "Details" written on it.

What if?

The biggest warning flag is that it had a call to action. It said to click a link. Others will ask you to call or text.

Some want you to reply. It doesn't matter what the action is. You can go to the company's site without clicking a link if you have a phone.

You can call the 800-number or visit the known, verifiable home page on your phone. If you're concerned about what if, it's okay to call or reach out to the IRS. You'll be safe if you do it through official channels.

Consumer Reports: A Survey of Unwanted Text Communication

Consumer Reports says the Federal Trade Commission received more than 93,000 complaints about unwanted texts in the last year. The reports continued to rise in the year after.

Fed Ex Ground and FED Express tracking numbers

The Fed Ex Ground and Fed Express tracking numbers have 12 symbols in them. The Fed Ex label allows for expansion of tracking numbers to 14 digits.

FedEx: Monitoring Fake News

FedEx works closely with law enforcement to stay on top of fakes, as well as monitoring questionable activity. FedEx strongly suggests that anyone who receives a suspicious message via text or email should report it to abuse@fedex.com.

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