What Is Gas Strand?


Author: Albert
Published: 26 Aug 2022

Working from Home: A Virtual Reality Perspective

Working from home may be different than the traditional office set-up, but it offers a lot of benefits. Home-based jobs offer a hope to the economy and people in need of an alternative livelihood as people stay at home most of the time during the Pandemic. Computer programmers are in demand due to the rapid advancement of technology. They write and test codes for computer applications and programs in a variety of sectors.

The Next President

Want to become the next President? Disciplines and ideas in the social sciences can be a subject of social science. Seeing yourself as a woman?

The First Year at the College: A Study of a Career in K-12

The first group of K-12 graduates are close to the end of high school and some of them want to get a job. Some people want to hone their career and earn a degree. K to 12 tracks and strands give students the skills to succeed no matter what path they choose, which is a good thing.

GAS: A great course for students in physics and mathematics

GAS is great for students who are still undecided on which track to take. You can choose from a variety of strands. GAS subjects are a mix of specialized subjects from the other strands.

Exploring the Future of Careers

Students can see how their future careers work by seeing different strands. Most of the young working adults are not happy with their current careers because they have no real experience. Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction are not included in the courses that are more specialized.

It is a new subject added in senior high school and is usually exclusive to the general academic strand. Do you want to understand history? Take some subjects from HESS.

Do you want to know how chemical reactions work? Apply for some science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. Do you think the world has a huge business opportunity?

The combinations are endless. Follow your heart. GAS strand gives you freedom to choose.

The skills-based class can be considered for the electives. Having a degree of freedom in choosing your electives can be a great asset. A Jack of All Trades is good at any task he or she is given.

The Four Tracks in Senior High School

The four tracks in senior high school are academic, technical-vocational-livelihood, arts, and design, and sports. Let us discuss the track first. You have the information you need to make a decision. The next step is to decide and prepare yourself for the next stage of your life.

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