What Is Gmail Error Code 0x80070490?


Author: Lisa
Published: 30 Dec 2021

Adding an email account to the Mail app

If you use a Hotmail or MSN account to log into Windows, the process of adding an email account on the Mail app is pretty straightforward. Several users have reported that they got the error when trying to add an account to Mail app in Windows. There is a chance that your Mail app is outdated.

Windows errors are caused by corrupt system files. You should take into account the possibility of messing with your settings and the possibility of having your files infecting you. It may take a while to complete the procedure.

The Mail app is not able to access your email

The Mail app is unable to access your email because of your privacy settings. Check the results by changing your settings, updating the app and doing so with your phone. If the issue persists, you can reset your Mail and Calendar app and use the SFC and DISM commands to repair your system files.

Troubleshooting in Windows

Click Start button and type in the item you want toTroubleshooting. Control Panel has aTroubleshooting window. Click OK if you are prompted to run as Administrator.

Microsoft provides a tool to help users fix system problems. It checks the integrity of resources, finds incorrect manifest, and more. Correct data is replaced with incorrect files.

It can be installed on any Windows computer. Once it is installed, you can use it to fix errors on your computer. Windows backup is a method of backing up a system to an image file which contains a bit-by-bit copy of the entire system.

Detecting and Fixes Computer Error

It is recommended to use a free scanning tool to detect and fix computer errors. You will need to purchase the full version to get rid of infections and computer errors. There is a free trial available.

The parent company of PCRisk.com is Rcs Lt. The Catroot2 and SoftwareDistribution folders are used for Windows Update processes. The update process will be stopped if Catroot2 is re-named.

System restore: a recovery tool for Windows 10

System restore is a recovery tool that can allow reversal of changes made on Windows 10. Try to restore your windows to a version that was functioning well when the operating system was malfunctioning.

Using the C-Memory Antimalware Tool to Clean Up Your Computer

Make sure you move your files over to the new account because it doesn't have the data you used before. You can try to see if the issue is fixed after you have deleted your original account. If not, move on to the next steps.

If you have other anti-malware software on your PC, it might conflict with the installation of updates. Protection tools can prevent certain mechanisms from working correctly. To check if it is the case, simply turn off your security system and look for the update again.

Touchsmart 10: Which Model?

You can either use a thumb drive or create a DVD, but you should know which model of Touchsmart 10 you have. There are many.

Error Codes in the Registry

The registry that stores all the information and activities performed is not cleaned frequently, the obsolete files saved in the registry like the junk files, bad entries and cookies accumulate and corrupt it, thus generating error codes.

Update: a system file error in the update process

The update installation failure was caused by the missing system files. You can try a repair install by running setup.

Clean Boot: a Tool for Automatic Updates

The clean boot tool is accessible by entering msconfig. Then System Configuration is selected. If you want to Hide all Microsoft services, check the box.

Click and open Task Manager when you are done. Make sure you click on the startup program you selected after selecting the startup tab. If the clean boot resolves corrupted files, you will be able to access updates using Windows Update or Microsoft Update.

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