What Is Google Rcs?


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Published: 29 Nov 2021

Business Messages: Asynchronous Mobile Experience for Customers

Business Messages is a mobile channel that combines entry points on websites like Search and Maps to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results.

RCS in the US: Where are we going?

Images and videos sent in RCS messages are temporarily stored on a server with random, unguessable URLs. Metadata isn't removed from photos, so if location data was attached when it was captured, that is sent to the recipient, too. If you were hoping to get a head start on the feature in the US, you're out of luck.

You can't manually opt in. If you miss the notification to enable RCS in Messages, you can manually enable it later on via the three-dot menu. You can check your current connection status at that place, which is an indicator that you're ready to use RCS with compatible contacts.

RCS: Texting to the next era

The advent of RCS marks a paradigm shift in text messaging and provides a lot of new features to its large user-base. It is the first step towards making texting a feature-rich alternative to chat apps. Traditional texting is taking over from text messaging. It improves on its predecessor by offering advanced features such as the ability to see when a contact is online or typing, and transfer of high-resolution media.

Rich Communication Services

Rich communication services are referred to as RCS. The new messaging system called RCS will allow the phones to send messages directly from one phone to another. It's similar to texting onWhatsApp, but without the need of installing any third-party app.

The service runs on mobile data or wi-fi instead of your network and can allow you to send pictures, videos, and other things without any hassles. RCS will allow the recognition and communication of phones with each other, and keep theiOS users out of the park. A modern messenger is capable of doing a lot.

That's one place where the RCS is not as good as it could be. It is still client-to- user secured, but not end-to-end. You won't get those annoying texts anymore.

RCS vs chat: A new text messaging protocol

Text messages have been popular for a long time. Despite the limitation of 160 characters, the messaging is still popular. Even though there are many communication and messaging options, still messages are used for marketing.

The evolution of the text messaging protocol is being considered by the protocol as chat. Reading receipts and other features will feature chat. The protocol will look similar to iMessage and it can start group chats, send video and audio messages and high-resolution images.

If you hire an app developer, you can use the chat feature to send live updates, send a message, and select the seat from the message app. Like other messaging services, now chat can work over data connection. It has a downside.

The original RCS implementation does not offer end to end encryption. The protocol for the chat app is only available over the phones and not over the internet. Most of the carriers ship their devices with the default messaging app.

The message will be reverted to text if the carrier doesn't support the chat protocol. RCS has few side effects and is likely to face carrier ire. The antitrust investigation of the chat is not protected and there are chances of strong competition from the replenished app.

Is Texting on the Phone Efficient?

Is there a better alternative to text on the phone? There is. There is a rival to iMessage.

The features in chat make texting irrelevant. You can see the read receipts for your sent messages on top of the delivery time. A typing indicator is a standard feature in modern instant messaging platforms.

Group messaging, read receipts, message reactions, and a typing indicator are not available on the mobile phones. Data formats supported by chat include: GIFs, stickers, location, photos, documents, videos, and similar. Text messaging on the phone is going to be more efficient in the future.

A Mobile Application in an SMS

It can be considered to deliver the power and function of a mobile application within an SMS thanks to the powerful Android platform. The A2P chat app and the wider world of customer service will be disrupted in the long-term by the changes that RCS will bring.

The RCS: a puzzle for the carriers

According to The Verge, the carriers are out of luck in getting the RCS to the mass. Instead, it will be rolled out by the company.

Connecting the Hub

It's possible that if you connect to the Hub, things will work with every other operator already there. The size of the business is what makes the GSMA predict a $74 billion business in 2021. The business will be controlled by the company that has the biggest share of the pie.

It will not be an universal solution if Apple does not support RCS. It's a really bad solution for businesses not being able to reach higher income segments, because the iPhones tend to target higher income segments. Business could do a dual integration, supporting an RCS channel for customers on both the phone and the computer, but is it worth it for them to invest in that complexity if they can support all devices with a single solution?

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