What Is Hotel Rwanda Based On?


Author: Lisa
Published: 9 Nov 2021

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The Interahamwe and the UN

When the UN forces attempt to evacuate a group of refugees, Gregoire betrays them to the Interahamwe, who use radio broadcasts to accost them. After giving General Bizimungu the remaining valuables and Scotch in his office safe, Paul promised to testify for him and admonished him for being apathy towards the refugees. The hotel refugees and Paul's family are able to leave the hotel in a UN convoy.

They traveled through a mass of refugees and militia to reach safety and were able to get back to their family. George commented, "It's simple, the lack of international intervention during the crisis was a problem." Europeans and Americans are seen as more valuable than African lives.

Hutu versus Tusi

What is the difference between Hutu and Tutsi? The minority of the Tutsis ruled the Hutus in many areas, even though they were poor. Professor George Izangola, a historian from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, said that the only difference between the two groups was their economic status.

The crisis in Afghanistan: the need for aid

More than 2.3 million people are in need of aid, and international efforts have done little to stop the violence.

The 1994 Hutu-Tutsi Genocide

In 1994 a million members of the Tutsi tribe were killed by members of the Hutu tribe in a massacre that took place while the world looked away. The story of that massacre is not Hotel Rwanda. The story is about a hotel manager who saved the lives of 1,200 people by being a good hotel manager.

The genocide begins after a long history. When European colonial powers established nations that ignored traditional tribal boundaries, the troubles began in Rwanda. Enemy tribes were forced to join the same land.

The Belgians ruled in Rwanda for a long time and did not kill a lot of the Hutu. The Hutus are in control and the troops are killing people. The film "Hotel Rwanda" was criticized by some reviewers for focusing on Paul and the colonel, and not doing enough to highlight the genocide.

Terry George and Keir Pearson made the correct decision. A film can be about how a few people respond to a murder. Paul is a real person, and Col. Oliver is based one.

The outside telephone line of the Sabena hotel

The hotel was owned by a Belgian company called Sabena, and it had an outside telephone line. The film is based on events that took place at the hotel during the genocide of the Tutsi.

Gandhi's Story

The sounds of fighting are getting louder as the militant Hutus begin their targeting of people who are identified as Tutsis. The White guests will have to face the reality that war is on the doorstep and the beer will run out soon. The locals are left to fend for themselves when the buses take them out of the coming hell.

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