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Published: 1 Nov 2021

Review of the ACSS MFT 35 SRP and a Systematic Approach to Levy Requests

Managers conduct case reviews, performance reviews and security reviews to verify program and procedural compliance. The IRM 1.4.20 contains detailed internal controls which communicate responsibility to the support managers. Major employers, banks and local businesses have requested that levies and related correspondence be mailed to a centralized address.

IRM describes how levy sources are created. IRM has information the availability of levy source address availability on the SERP. Before requesting a letter or levy, employees of the company must make sure that addresses are complete.

A street or post office box is needed for rural areas. A second FM10 will be generated when a CAF indicator is present or there are mixed modules. The reason for the second FM10 will be reflected in the variable action history.

The POA number is populated when the CAF indicator is present. Each batches will have 2 cover sheets. The cover sheet will show the number of employees, the volume of the batches and the employee assigned to them.

The cover sheet should be given to tax examiners to use. The second cover sheet should be kept until the batches are complete and destroyed. Line through any module that is in status 12 or 72.

IRS Tax Compliance

Smaller accounts and those at the beginning of the collection process are usually dealt with by the ACS. The IRS has the most training for agents that interface with the public. Some agents are more helpful than others.

If you want to get a different agent, you may want to call back later when you are almost certain to get a different agent. You should deal with a reasonable person if you have money on the line. Although annoying to stay on hold, a taxpayer generally has a guarantee to talk with someone.

If the IRS assigns your account to a Revenue Officer, you can only speak with that person. You will have to leave a message if they are not in, and hope to connect with them soon. It may better to work with one person when the IRS assigns a Revenue Officer.

And it can be. No one will hold you back if you have an agent who is unfamiliar with your tax situation. The Revenue Officer assigned to your account is the luck of the draw.

The IRS Big and its Automated Collection Service can be Impersonal

The IRS big and its automated collection service can be impersonal. It is important to know who you are dealing with and what your rights are when the ACS calls.

The IRS and the Notice Stream

The IRS uses a three-phase strategy for collecting tax debts that are not paid. IRS employees with higher technical skills are working in each phase. The IRS is required to send you a letter called "The Notice Stream".

They use a preset number of IRS balance due notices to prompt responses or payments. The first notice stream begins with the issuance of a statutory notice, followed by up to three reminder notices if the tax debt is not paid. The common forms are the Final Notice of Intent to Levy and the Notice of Federal Tax Lien.

Accounting Principles for Revenue Recognition

The accounting principles for revenue recognition have changed. Revenue from contracts with customers and identification of performance and licensing obligations are covered in Topic 606. The document explains how to account for revenue earned from your business operations.

It is supposed to make it easier for companies to get on the same page with their accounting. The guidelines help establish a clear outline for revenue calculations. The primary change with 605 is that more detailed disclosures are required.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the final thing. The IRS ignores them, so many taxpayers do not even include them in their financial information. The best way to get the agent to know their own rules and regulations is to include them.

The IRS and the American Cancer Society

The IRS has ten Regional Compliance Centers which process all tax returns. Compliance Centers are automated. The information each tax return is stored in the IRS computer.

The IRS computer system will determine if there are computational errors on the return. The Compliance Center is responsible for sending notices to taxpayers to collect balances on tax returns. If an account cannot be collected by the Returns Processing Center by using the matter, the account will be transferred to the American Cancer Society.

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