What Is Linkedin Recruiter Lite?


Author: Lisa
Published: 7 May 2022

Search Filters for Lead Generation and Career Development

You can use premium search filters to refine your search. You can sort by interests, company size, years of experience, location and more with a premium search. The premium sales navigator subscription is designed to help you generate leads.

It comes with a lead-builder tool, lead recommendations, and real-time insights on existing leads and accounts. Adding more filters gives you the ability to refine your searches even further. When one of your leads lands a new job, you are notified.

The sales Navigator plan costs $79.99 a month or $770.88 a year. Premium career subscription can allow you to send InMails to recruiters even if they are not in your network. You can try to connect with recruiters that view your profile.

LinkedIn Premium in the Year of Pandemic

In the year of the Pandemic, when everyone is mostly working from home, the premium of LinkedIn is worth it. You can connect with professionals, colleagues, and other experts on LinkedIn. Being able to message anyone or search for them will help you maximize your outreach efforts.

You can increase your visibility with the help of the premium. You cancel the premium at any time. Your account will be returned to a Basic account after you cancel your plan.

Perfect Subject Lines on LinkedIn

Character limits on LinkedIn are more than just what you can fit into a message. They affect how your professional and personal brand is perceived. InMail messages can be more flexible than connection messages.

You can write up to 200 characters for your subject line and 2000 for your message body. InMail messages are governed by the same character policy as connection messaging. Characters are defined as spaces, letters, numbers, symbols, and the like.

Subject lines are important to copywriters. They are seen as the key to the readers' hearts and minds. They must be treated with care and flair.

You have to aim for value to make a good subject line. The perfect subject line is about 28-39 characters and has an open and click rate of 12.2%. Subject lines with 4-15 characters generated a 15.2% open rate and a 3.1% click rate.

Why do people use a professional networking site?

Why do people use a professional networking site? Networking, job searching, marketing, communicating and searching for professional talent are some of the reasons. There are several strategies and best practices for recruiting on the professional networking site.

Interested in what someone makes in a similar role? The market average for what a job should pay is what is taken from the data that is provided by LinkedIn. Glassdoor has salary data for specific roles at that company, but employees themselves give it.

Paying for Connections on LinkedIn

You only pay for connections to candidates if you are posting a job on LinkedIn. Pricing is dynamic and can be different depending on the industry you are in.

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