What Is Macy's Number?


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Published: 28 Apr 2022

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They have the wrong price tags on items that should have been taken off when re-pricing them. If a person picks up a bag with the wrong price on it, they should just buy it at the correct price, because not everyone will buy it.

Macys' number 28822

The number 28822 is the one that has been used by Macys for a while. It comes from a country called Malawi. There are searches from people who use terms like macys pos.


Macy's has a headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. It operates 669 locations across the country and has subsidiaries such as Macy's Furniture Gallery and Bloomingdale's. The company is the largest department store in the US.

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The people who chose to use the cards had to deal with other issues as well. There are confusions and disappointments among employees. Some feel that Macy's is using employee discount to encourage people to use their credit card.

The Score That Matters

The Score That Matters is a trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation. The name of the company is Equifax, Inc. Your interest rates and your FICO Scores are influenced by a lot of factors.

The Macy's Credit Card

The Macy's Credit Card is perfect for the Macy's shopper who is loyal to the store and wants to earn rewards on their purchases. The Macy's card is not ideal for people who frequently pay late or carry a balance, and it might be hard to find a card that is more suited to casual shoppers. The Macy's Credit Card is a store card, not a universal credit card, meaning it can only be used to make purchases at Macy's stores.

The Macy's Credit Card is pricey to maintain, as it charges a hefty 26.24% APR on purchases. Macy's cards include exclusive savings throughout the year, access to special events, and periodic surprise savings at the register. Birthday and free shipping offers are available for eligible Elite and Premier Elite members.

Cash back cards are an easy way to save. The cards give you a percentage of your purchases as cash back, which can be used as a gift card, or check. A cash back card signup bonus offer will give you a lump-sum cash back amount for meeting a set spending requirement.

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