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Author: Lisa
Published: 26 Apr 2022

Mailjet: A robust email marketing software

Mailjet is a French web-based email marketing software. Mailjet's main goal is to simplify email delivery so customers focus more on promoting and developing their businesses. Mailjet email builder has a library of pre-made email templates that you can use to design an email newsletter.

You can simply drag and drop elements around and change colors, fonts, and so on, with the templates. You can personalize your emails based on your activity. You can show people what they have added to the cart if you nudging them.

Sendinblue is similar to Mailjet email marketing and is a reliable software that makes running email campaigns hassle-free. Sendinblue has a paid plan that starts at $25 per month. Sendinblue has a free version that can send up to 300 emails per day.

Constant Contact is a robust email marketing software that is better than Mailjet. Constant Contact has all the tools you need to run successful email campaigns. More than 150,000 companies use Mailjet, a powerful email software.

Mailjet SMTP Server

Mailjet is an email tool that helps users send marketing emails to a lot of people. It has several features that are user-friendly, like email tracking, and it has an SMTP server that can be used to send tons of emails. Transactional emails are emails that are triggered by a customer.

A transactional email is a receipt that is automatically sent to a customer when they make a purchase on your website. You can easily set up the Mailjet SMTP server with any email system. The Mailjet SMTP server has a wide range of SMTP ports.

The standard SMTP ports are 25 and 2525, but some can be blocked by your internet service provider. You can use the Mailjet service to avoid dealing with blocked SMTP ports. Mailjet allows you to send out ten versions of the same email to different people.

The best performing email is sent to you. You can check the effectiveness of the call-to-action based on the responses you get. You can compare your campaigns on metrics like open rate, click rate, and soft bouncing emails.

Passport: A Toolbox for Campaign Statistics

You are given a lot of functions with Passport. You can create mind-blowing emails by simply putting images and text blocks in the correct places. The possibilities are endless.

It is designed to look great on all screens, so you can use your mobile device, laptop, or tablet to read your emails. You can retrieve campaign statistics in no time thanks to the APIs. They have a feature called PUSH mode which allows you to send real-time events to your own webhooks.

Mailjet Enterprise Plan

Mailjet has good deliverability, and with the Enterprise Plan, you have access to a deliverability expert to assist you personally with your campaign performance. There are still plenty of tools to ensure deliverability, but time zone segmenting is not available. They get a score of 4.

Multiple team members can work on campaigns on the platform. Each can use a simple drag and drop interface to record comments, and set up automation. Maijet has a good set of reporting tools that you will be able to use.

Maijet is perfect for smaller businesses, even though some competitors offer more detailed features. Only around 100 integrations are available. Mailjet still offers integrations to other systems, allowing you to expand your marketing universe.

They still earn a score of 5 despite their limitations. Mailjet has a perfect score for their interface and templates. The addition of the collaboration feature makes it easy to work as a team and distribute work when needed.

You can change the text, colors, and fonts with the drag and drop interface, and you can even incorporate different languages. The email editing interface can be used as a tool for collaboration and allows other users in your organization to make comments, edit, and suggest improvements. Email support is only available to those who pay for it, and there are no live chat channels.

Email Elastic: An Efficient and Efficient Email Platform

When you create a subscription service for your customers using Mailjet, you can ask them basic information like age, address, and gender so that you can send them personalized emails. Mailjet helps you grow your business by sending the emails at the right time so that you can engage your potential buyers and even attract inactive buyers. Emails can be sent for important events.

Email Elastic is an affordable and efficient email platform that has over 30,000 clients. Users can send bulk emails via Elastic Email. You can send unlimited emails with each plan.

The email marketing service providers are competing with SocketLabs. They have been giving their services to some big names. They work on Hurricane MTA technology, which provides a high level of dependability and helps with email performance.

The high uptime and the collaboration feature are worth looking at. The users say the software gives them more returns than they pay. Mailjet could have offered more templates to choose from.

Personalized Emails with Mailjet

Mailjet allows you to collaborate in real time with other team members to get your emails just right, if you want to create good-looking, personalized emails from scratch but lack the technical skills. You can use contact field data to personalize email. You can show different products to male and female subscribers based on your contact properties.

Mailjet will attempt to resend the email if it bounces. The email is marked as a bounce if it isn't delivered within 3 days. The hard bounces are blocked.

Scalable Email Marketing

It is important to choose a provider that scales and offers advanced features when searching for an email marketing solution. Mailjet lets you build email templates and email campaigns. Ensure your emails are read. Whether you send a lot of email or start slowly and expand, you should choose an email marketing tool and partner who you can rely on at every step of your life cycle.

PUSH: A Platform for Email Marketing

The platform does not have a lot of features that are unique to it, but it still does an excellent job of making email marketing activities very simple for large volume senders. You can use it for so many things. It allows you to make your emails different for every user, from using image or text blocks to using features like social media buttons.

It allows you to pick from a large library of templates you can use for your newsletters and emails, and you can also build your own from scratch without needing technical knowledge. It allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns to your needs quickly and you can also choose variables like historical activities and location. It is important to make sure that the email is in the recipient's inbox, even though it is a current necessity to send emails quickly.

You can talk to the support team to find ways of improving your success rate, as well as improve your sender reputation, and set up dedicated IPs. The use of the PUSH mode will give you real time event information in a more efficient way, and you can add the data to your web hooks or any external queuing services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud. It is important to choose an email marketing service that works for you.

Customer service is an important part of the company, but it is important to have a way of contacting the team if there is a problem. The fact that not all of the account tiers are paid is something that sticks out. You can use the free plan without having to give your credit card details.

On the Use of Email Marketing Software in a Marketing Automation System

Mailjet is used by many marketers to develop their marketing campaigns, which include a newsletter and marketing campaigns that are delivered to customers on time. The users can send independent emails to the best addresses across the globe with the help of the integrations of the REST and SMTP server. Mailjet is a tool that is accessible to small and medium businesses.

It is important to realize that email marketing software is not an ideal solution for all company types, sizes and industries. It is a good idea to read a few Mailjet Email Marketing Software reviews first as some solutions can perform well in a very small group of applications or be designed with a specific industry in mind. Complex features are not welcomed by more experienced users because others can function with a goal of being simple and intuitive.

Consistency of Templates with Locked Section

You never compromise on consistency if you set user permission and lock specific sections on your templates. Send emails out faster by streamlining your processes.

DKIM with Mailjet

DKIM is an email protocol that links a domain name to a message. DKIM uses asymmetric encryption to add a digital signature to the email's sender's name, so you can sign it with your domain name. The receiving email server can check the signature to verify authenticity.

The purpose of DKIM is to prove that the domain name has not been used for false purposes, and that the signed message has not been altered. Setting up DKIM with Mailjet is very easy. Mailjet gives you a public key to register.

Mailjet: Email Creation, Sending and Sharing

Mailjet is an email service provider that works with brands like Microsoft, Product Hunt, and Toast to help create, send, and maximize marketing and transactional emails. In 156 countries, the company serves more than 150,000 customers and sends over 1 billion emails a month. You can create a message by simply adding text or images blocks, and then add links and buttons for sharing on social media.

You can add more code from the interface. For a more Agile Email Design Process, you can collaborate with other users in real-time. You can use feedback loops and statistics to improve deliverability.

Using Blocks to Promote Content

The ability to display specific content blocks to certain segments is a useful feature. You can choose which blocks to display to which people. There are also in-app pop-ups that provide useful digital marketing tips, as well as links to Mailjet's website that contains articles on subjects such as personalization and the best ways to start an email.

Mailjet: An inexpensive platform for email marketing automation

It is possible to reach the goals of your marketing campaign with more than one digital marketing technique. That is the reason why most businesses combine their marketing tools. Adding social media buttons to your emails can help you reach more people.

Mailjet only offers basic social media management tools, and you must use a platform like Sendible if you want to schedule posts or share content on multiple social media profiles at the same time. At the moment, more than half of companies rely on marketing automation to deliver their advertising materials. Sending personalized emails to each contact in your lists is a slow and inefficient process that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenues.

Mailjet is a good option if you are looking for an inexpensive platform that will allow you to send a lot of emails. The free version of the email marketing platform allows you to send 6000 emails a month at the rate of 200 sent emails per day to an unlimited number of contacts. Mailjet supports integrations through Zapier, which allows you to use a lot of third-party applications.

The platform supports native integrations with more than 80 online services and hundreds more through Zapier so that you can easily sync all of the daily or weekly tasks you need to perform. There are no restrictions on the number of emails you can send in a day, although the number of emails you can send each month depends on the model you have. Mailjet can help you monitor a lot of metrics.

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