What Is Mcdonalds Toy Right Now?


Author: Lisa
Published: 18 Feb 2022

The Ranger Happy Meal Box

Hello Mr. Ranger! Yogi Bear and his adventures in Jellystone National Park are included in the rare collectible McDonalds toys. The original Yogi Bear show from Hannah Barbera was a hit with audiences around the world, but not all of Yogi Bear's adventures were as popular. The Jedi and Sith combined to create an epic happy meal box that is now worth more than the money that was spent to make it.

50 Years of Disney World

The fast-food chain is featuring 50 new toys of popular characters to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Disney World. The toys will be in kids' meals.

How Many Cows Need to Make a Burger?

You may have never wondered how many cows it takes to make a burger. 500,000 pounds of beef is processed per day. About 2,609 cows are made into burgers in the US.

McDonald's is not fresh, even though the Preservative was mentioned. The burger on Day 1 was different than the burger on Day 180. Next time you eat there, be aware that your burger might be a few days old.

Everyone has a favorite activity in New Jersey, and you can participate in it. Halloween is celebrated in New Jersey in a spooky way. There are many haunted houses in NJ.

The Princess Diana bear

The Princess Diana bear is the only vintage Beanie Babies worth much. You never know, one complete set of Teenie Beanie Baby Boos from McDonald's is going for $850 on eBay. The movie was a hit. The McDonald's toys were inspired by the film, so a full set is going for $59.95 on eBay.

Changeables and Snoopy World Tour

The changeables are the toys of Mcdonald's. They look normal, with most appearing as small items like burgers, ice cream cones, and boxes of fries. They also become more traditional action figurines.

They were popular in the 80s and 90s and a pack can go for $50 today. The McDonald's toys of all time are the ones with the Snoopy World Tour. The promotion included toys dressed in a way that represented various countries around the world.

Should you collect all the toys, they included a custom box to hold them all. A full set, complete with the box, costs $379AU, which is about $260USD. The plush toys from the movie "Simba's Pride" are terrible.

They are cheap, silly and ridiculous. They are also worth a lot. A full set of plush toys from The Lion King II are on eBay for $50.

Toy Story 2 was released in 1999 and was the last of the 90s. Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyear, and other popular toys were released by Mcdonald's. A display box was included that held all the figures.

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