What Is News About Yes Bank April 2019?


Author: Artie
Published: 12 Feb 2022

ICICI Bank's Counter Upgrade

The results of ICICI Bank made many believe that the rerating on the counter will continue. The results of UCO Bank, UCO Bank and the State Bank of India will be revealed in the coming days. The official said that the company needs funds to upgrade and convert its existing set top boxes into smart boxes to compete with OTT and Doordarshan.

The XYZ Bank

The bank is looking to raise capital and has slowed down growth in order to bring down its exposure to large conglomerates.

The YES Bank merger with the StateBank of India

The Reserve Bank of India allowed new private banks to start banking operations in the post-liberalisation era. Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur founded the bank. If the State Bank of India buys out the minority stake in the YES Bank at 10 per share, it will invest Rs.14 700 crores to purchase the rest of the private bank's shares.

The Yes Bank had an investment of Rs 7,250 cr by the State Bank of India. The merger with the State Bank of India is a good deal for the bank and its depositors. The merger of the private bank with the state bank is only possible if the current investment deal does not bring desired results.

The board of the State Bank of India gave in-principle approval to explore the possibility of picking up a stake of up to 49 per cent in Yes Bank. The plan is no longer available. The deal is not done yet.

The best deal a private bank can ask for is the investment by the State Bank of India. A credible name like the State Bank of India is important for a resolution. If the deal goes through, the depositors of YES Bank will have no worries.

The survival of YES Bank is important to the banking industry. The primary objective of the government or the Reserve Bank in a crisis to safeguard the hard-earned money of the depositors. There is no need to panic as the Reserve Bank assured that the interests of the bank's depositors will be protected.

The stock market value of the XYZ Bank

The bank's shares have gained over 1350% from their decade low. They are still down from their record highs of a year ago.

The Reserve Bank of India and the Rejuvenation Plan

The Reserve Bank of India took charge of a new generation private bank after supersing the board of a commercial bank. Yes bank. The bank was set up by top professionals.

The last time the Reserve Bank of India gave a banking license to a professional was when Global Trust Bank was merged with Oriental Bank of Commerce over bad governance issues. There are six reasons why the board of Yes Bank was replaced by the Reserve Bank of India. The bank revival plan that the management of the bank did not come up with was made possible by the efforts of the Reserve Bank of India.

The bank was facing a lot of outflows of money. It means that the bank was seeing customers withdraw their money. The deposits are the bread and butter of the bank.

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