What Is News Bulletin?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 7 Nov 2021

The Art of Writing

Journalistic writing skills are the same for print, online and broadcast. Radio bulletin writing involves editing skills.

Online Journalism

In the same way, broadcast media have to be up to date with the latest news because it is happening in a second. It is a news update. It helps to summarize the news and is shown on television and radio for a short time at the top of the hour.

In every interval of time, radio or television broadcasts such news. They give ideas about the news but they don't inform the whole story. News bulletins cover less than 5 news items at a time.

It must be 100 words or less. The use of active voice, present tense, familiar, simple and non-formal language should be used in news bulletin writing. Direct sentences with simple and short words are what it should be.

The news presenter must speak out in a gentle and polite manner while delivering the news. The features of radio journalism are telling stories and having a good conversation. It can talk to the individual rather than a large group.

It is important that the news report be given priority to short and informal language in order to get the information. Online journalism is the dissemination of information. Different organizations are delivering information through their own websites.

How to Make Your News Story and Bulletins Effective

Your ranking of stories in order in the bulletin will give your audience an indication of how important each story is. There is some freedom within the bulletin to add variety and balance to it. A story about political controversy may need slightly longer sentences with more complicated ideas.

The story may need to be longer. The effect is slower than usual. How do you get balance and pace in practice?

To see that you have a good balance of items and pace, you should rank your stories in order of importance. Your listeners will use the headlines to judge whether or not the bulletin is worth listening to, so write your headlines to promote the stories in the most powerful way possible. It is a good idea to headline the first two or three stories, and also the one or two dramatic stories that come later in the bulletin.

Many stations headline the final story on the assumption that if they make the headline attractive enough, they will keep their audience interested until they hear the story. You should write headlines that hint at the drama without giving away too much. Listeners don't need to hear the rest of the bulletin if you tell everything in the headlines.

It is best to keep the real information secret until the story is over, so that the audience can hear the actual story. The tease the listener's interest is what makes such headlines a tease. If you have a story about rising petrol prices, you might write a headline that says "Motorists face another shock at the petrol pumps".

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