What Is News In Ethiopia Today?


Author: Albert
Published: 24 Jul 2022

The Tigray People's Liberation Front: A Human Rights Advocate for the Government

The conflict between the TPLF and pro-government forces has left seven million people in need of emergency assistance and two million displaced. Some human rights activists in Tigray are suggesting high-rise residential buildings have been bombed, but the military says it was targeting manufacturing and armament repair sites belonging to the Tigray People's Liberation Front. The pregnant mother is among eight people who have been wounded in the airstrike in Mekelle, the main city in Tigray in northern Ethiopia.

An arrest warrant for retired army generals and military officers suspected of involvement in the war between TPLF-Central Government

Police issued an arrest warrant for the second time for some retired army generals and military officers, who were suspected of being involved in the war between TPLF and the central government.

The Forum on Ethiopia

Readers need Ethiopia news on the internet today, as well as Ethiopoia news on the internet. Some are looking for print media while others are looking for videos and images. The websites listed below have their own positives and negatives depending on who is consuming their content.

Some people have a biased approach. Some are from a group or a journalist. If you have limited time, AllAfrica and google news will make it easy to get news.

The news from various channels is useful. Aljazeera is a private organization that focuses on the minority story. The News media network caused controversy with countries for their different perspective on news.

Independent news media was established in the UK in 1986. It had about 60k daily circulation in 2015. The news network has an online presence and covers a wide range of topics.

The guardian is a British news and media website that is responsible for almost all of the content in the newspapers of the Guardian and the observer. Since the September 11 attack in the US, its popularity has soared and it has reviewed a lot of readers. They say they like group work.

The UN is halving its Tigray presence

The UN told The Associated Press that it is halving its Tigray presence as the Ethiopia government blocks humanitarian aid and people die from lack of food. A number of Republican members of Congress were named in a Rolling Stone report as being involved in planning the details of rallies and electoral certification objection the day of January 6.

The Dispute between the Local Police and State of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the center of great civilization and one of the longest and independent surviving nations and it will continue despite the efforts of Egypt and other foreign and domestic enemies. There are people who are lawless and want to create civil unrest, and they are not the only ones. The killing of Hachalu was a perfect storm for them.

The local police force often welcomes and aids the voyantes who are able to destroy property, kill and burn innocent people because they are given a free pass. The ethnic system needs to be dismantled. Merit system has to be replaced.

Nobody should be treated differently because of their race. It has been a sore point during Meles. The elected officials of the city should be in charge of the city, not the tribal leaders who are unaccountable to the people of the city.

Start training a police force that is professional and diverse and represent all of Ethiopia. Oromos, Amharas, and other police officers should be able to work in Ethiopia. They should learn the local language if they are lacking language.

Dr. Abiy should end chaos and killil that caused millions to be displaced and resulted in the loss of many innocent lives. It will spread like wildfire if it isn't stopped. It might be a good idea to create a more economically integrated regional boundaries without any consideration to ethnicity.

The Oromia region: a road map to the end of independence

The roads into the region have been blocked by the authorities. Access to cash and communications have been severely limited, and the region's electricity and fuel supplies are rapidly diminishing. Over the past year, the Oromia region has seen a number of abuses by government security forces, including arbitrary arrest, extrajudicial and public executions, enforced disappearances, and harassment of people with perceived links to Oromo rebel groups.

The Blue Nile Dam: A Test for the Future

State media in Ethiopia said that the Blue Nile dam had been filled for a second year, a move that is likely to anger Egypt and Sudan, who have long opposed the project.

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