What Is Outlook Nk2 File?


Author: Richelle
Published: 6 Aug 2022

The Outlook Nick Files are.NK2 files

Outlook Nick files are.NK2 files. The file extension is used to store information and data about Microsoft Outlook. It is a database of names, words, and phrases used by Outlook users when typing.

The word tracking feature in the files starts when the user starts typing. The.nk2 file is the embodiment of Outlook's auto-complete feature. It is helpful to users as it tries to show different suggestions and possibilities in words and names.

A file extension is the last dot in a file name. The file extension is nklm in the example. It helps Windows open the file.

NK2 Extension for Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 does not use the NK2 file, it stores the autocomplete cache in the mailbox or data file and cache the addresses in an autocomplete stream. You can type or paste the address bar of Windows Explorer and then press Enter to open the folder where the cache is stored. If you're using the cache as your address book because it's too much effort to right click on an address and save it as a new Contact, you should use a utility that creates contacts from all addresses you reply to, as the autocomplete cache is not a good substitute for contacts

Outlook 2010 or 2013 should import the NK2 you used with your previous Outlook version the first run if you upgrade from Outlook 2007 or earlier. If Outlook didn't import the NK2 automatically, you can import the NK2 after the first run by using the ImportNK2 switch. The.nk2 file is renamed with a.old file name extension the first start of Outlook 2010.

The old file name extension is necessary if you need to re-import the.nk2 file. You can copy the old profile if you create a new one. You need to change it to match your new profile.

To remove addresses, select the name using the arrow keys. You can use the Backspace key or click the x beside the name to remove it. When you save a contact by right-clicking on the address, it is added to the default contacts folder.

Scroll down to "Send messages"

You can scroll down until you see Send messages. Make sure that the Use Auto-Complete List is checked when typing in the To, Cc, and Bcc lines.

Using Control Panel to Find Mail

Mail appears in different Control Panel locations depending on the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Control Panel view selected, and whether a 32- or 64-bit operating system is installed. To find Mail, you can open Control Panel in Windows and type it in the search box. Mail can be typed in the address box in the Control Panel.

AutoComplete and OST

If you want to know if AutoComplete is turned on, you can select the options. The Mail tab is where you should select. You have to scroll down until you see Send messages.

The To, Cc, and Bcc lines box should be checked to ensure the use of the AutoComplete List to suggest names. In Outlook, you can choose the options. The Mail tab is where you should select.

You have to scroll down until you see Send messages. The To, Cc, and Bcc lines box should be checked to ensure the use of the AutoComplete List to suggest names. The offline folder created by the Outlook and server is called the OST, and it is used to store offline copies of data.

NK2Edit and Outlook 64-bit

If you use the 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook, you must download and use the x64 version of the NK2Edit to use the above 2 features. You should use the 32-bit version of the software. If you have a Windows installation that is 32-bit, you must use the 32-bit version of the software in order to use the above features.

A Microsoft Format for a New Class of Particles

It is a Microsoft format. It is easy to recognize its file extension. Microsoft introduced the NK2 files in Outlook in 2002. The updated version gives multiple options for contacts after typing a name.

NK2 Files

Before you can open an NK2 file, you need to know what kind of file you are dealing with and whether it is possible to open or view the file format.

Stream_Autocomple* in Outlook

There is an exception for the Stream_Autocomple_* file. You can recover the contents of the AutoComplete cache and even import it back into Outlook with the help of the NK2Edit application. Outlook will build a new Stream_Auto Comple_* file but will also keep the old file's contents. If you want to know if you should include the settings in your backups or not, you should read the Files and settings guide for Outlook.

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