What Is Outlook Web Access?


Author: Lisa
Published: 1 Jan 2022

Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access is a full-featured, web-based email client with the look and feel of the Outlook client. OWA allows users to access their mailboxes from any internet connection, even if the computer is not equipped with Outlook. OWA allows users to access their calendars, contacts, tasks and folders through a secure connection just like they would in the office. Users can search for their old email, set up or edit out office notifications, and manage junk mail settings.

Light in Internet Explorer

Light is rendered for other browsers than Internet Explorer. The interface did not support search. The calendar and contacts were improved in Exchange server 2007, with the Light interface supporting searching mail items. The 2010 version can connect to an email account outside of the country.

Microsoft Outlook Web Access Server

Microsoft Outlook Web Access is a kind of Exchange server that can only be accessed by using the browser. There is no need for email client application like Microsoft Outlook when working in the OWA environment.

Outlook on the Web

The user interface in Outlook on the web is similar to previous versions of the web-based Outlook client but with newer features added in 2015. New features to the calendar were added by Microsoft in 2015. There are different ways to view the calendar, such as a view for the full week, work week, month and day.

Users can set up reminders via email. A weather forecast feature and new icons for certain events were added by Microsoft. The contact manager in Outlook is called People.

Users can find new contacts through services such as LinkedIn or use them to create new contacts. Linking is a feature that joins contacts with the same or alike names. The Tasks feature was introduced in OWA but Microsoft converted it to a separate service in Outlook on the web.

A user can create a new task by manually or by email. The management options include settings for priorities, percentage completed and people involved in the task. Adding start and due dates and rich text editing are some of the newer features.

Outlook in Web Browser

Microsoft makes it easy to open Outlook inbox in a web browser instead of using the version of Outlook that runs on your desktop. You can see your Outlook inbox from any computer. You're used to setting an "out office" message when you're not at work.

You can send a message from the web. The calendar icon at the lower- left corner of the page is where you can switch to Outlook. You can change the view here.

You can choose the view you prefer from the drop-down menu, but you will see the month view. To switch to your tasks, click the "To Do" icon at the lower- left corner of the page. If you click the three dots, you will see the icon, but if you choose the pop-up menu, you will not see it.

How to Identify an Office and Microsoft365 Account

It is difficult to find out if the same name applies to you, because it makes a lot of sense for marketing purposes. The Office and Microsoft 365 brand can cause some confusion as well as refer to the actual application, a subscription based license for use of the application or a subscription based service for hosted solutions of Microsoft server products. Signing up won't change that email address into an Outlook.com account, but you can still use it.

Outlook - A Mail and Calendar App

Outlook is the best choice for heavy email and calendar users because it has all the advanced features and capabilities of email, such as scheduling and task management, rich formatting, or mailbox rules. The Mail and Calendar apps have your contacts in the system directory. You can find all the people you've exchanged emails with by typing in the To line. Simply type a name and you will be able to see the suggestions or the Search directory at the bottom of the suggested names.

Security Tests of OWA Sessions

The tests have shown that an OWA session can be compromised even if the user follows company security policies. Education and training are not enough to secure a mail system.

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