What Is Shen Men?


Author: Richelle
Published: 1 Aug 2022

The top of the trilateral fosa

The top of the trilateral fossa is where the place called Shen Men is located. It is one of the most distinguishing auricular details and is used in the treatment of most illnesses. The Chinese auricular points that are acquired through the perception of working effects are not related to the body or the glands.

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The Shen Men Point

The area in the ear called the Shen Men Point is interesting. It is believed that applying acupressure on it can help with a number of health issues. Some people think of healing and well being as a result of medicines, others think of diet and nutrition, and then there are the eastern cultures where energy is the main focus of healing and harmony.

The Shen Men Point and Skin Diseases

The skin diseases ofAcne, skin itching and breakouts can be tackled with the help of the Shen Men point. It is known to regulate the heat levels in the body, which is the main cause of skin diseases.

The Shen Men

The recommended treatment point for the majority of the 180 protocols listed in Auriculo is the Shen Men. What makes the men so powerful? The man is a master point. Master points are always active in comparison to other points on the ear.

The power of fear

The spirit can shrink and scatter if too much joy and happiness is not kept. The person has difficulty with getting around because of the grief and sadness that can cause the foundations to be blocked. The soul is no longer able to command the person, and seemingly random forces take control, when anger is associated with the liver.

Fear and fearing cause the spirit to be frightened, to shrink away and to be nonreceptive, because fear affects the spirit and the body-one's planning, and will shrink away and one is even afraid. Fear and fear without release can cause injury to the essence. The bones can be damaged by the injured seminal essence.

The seminal essence will not descend at the time of reproduction, as was described in the ancient literature. The five viscera, which are the controls and storehouses of the seminal essence, should not be harmed by emotional excess. If they are injured, the body will become hollow and the protection will be lost.

What is the name of a thing?

What is the name of the thing? Chinese medicine is dependent on the substance of the body, and biomedicine does not recognize it. The body has the vital energy of iq.

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