What Is Snq Quota?


Author: Artie
Published: 13 Jun 2022

SNQ Quotients in Low-income Sector

If the candidates income is less than Rs. 6.0 lakhs per year, you are automatically eligible for SNQ quota. The number of candidates per seat is limited to 5 percent.

Supernumerary Quota in Engineering Colleges

Choice-1 means that a candidate is satisfied with their allotted seat and they won't be considered for further seat allocation. Candidates are advised to take an educated decision so that they don't have a dilemma later. If the candidate is to be issued the A dmission Order, the Transfer Certificate must be obtained from the institution where the candidate is studing.

The same holds true for candidates who are also aCET repeaters. The Supernumerary Quota has been introduced in all Engineering Colleges. 5% of the seats in each college and each course will be reserved as Supernumerary Quota.

The seat matrix issued by the Government has a quota over it. The Supernumerary quota for Computer Science in a college is 6 seats. The college will have a total intake of 126 for computer science.

There is no need to give separate options for Supernumerary quota seats. If the candidate is eligible for the Supernumerary quota seats, the software will consider them first. The seats that are up to 5% of the total intake will be offered as Supernumerary seats.

The KCET 2021 Schedule

The KCET 2021 schedule will be posted on the website. The notification will include information about the date, time, venue, procedure and documents needed for KCET counseling. The document verification is the first step in the counselling process.

The KCET cut off will be published after every round. The seat allocation is done according to the rank of candidates. The admission letter is updated online after that.

Online counselling for kct examination

The KCET counselling processes are done online, apart from document verification and final reporting. Candidates have to visit the designated KCET helplines. The KCET examination dates have been changed to July 30 and July 31, 2020.

The schedule for other KCET events is yet to be declared by the KEA. There are 204 government and private colleges in Karnataka that take part in KCET. The KCET score is used to calculate admission to the counselling.

Candidates lock their college preferences in the option entry stage of KCET. The KCET counselling is done in three rounds. The seats in any of the participating colleges are not vacant for the last round.

A Personal Interview for the XYZ University

A committee will look into the applications and prepare a list of candidates to be invited for a personal interview. An interview invitation does not guarantee admission. Invitation will be sent via email.

The Seat Allotment for the KEA 2019/2019 Competition

Candidates who have not been allotted a seat in the mock allotment should check out the options they have entered and enter more options in which they are interested. The number of seats for the respective course at the participating universities was released by the KEA. The courses offered can be downloaded from the link below.

If the seat is not available in the general category, then the seat will be allotted in the reserved category. If seats are not available in GM, then the seat will be allotted in the reserved category, if the first allotted seat is eligible. If the seat is available under Supernumerary Quota in any of the subsequent rounds, then the candidate will be allotted an engineering seat.

Multiple iteration may take place in the 1st Phase. The computer will stop the allotted seats if the last seat is allotted or if the last rank is last in the discipline. The candidates will always be climbing upwards in options and roster.

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