What Is Spotify Premium Duo?


Author: Albert
Published: 25 Aug 2022

Duo: A Family-friendly Spotify Account

It is not clear how Spotify can verify that people actually live at the address they enter. In the past, the company used random gps checks, but they have been stopped due to privacy concerns. Duo is a great deal if you live with a roommate or partner.

The Premium Duo Manager

Premium Duo is a discount subscription for two people. Both people keep their own music and login details, but you can include a separate account for each user on the subscription plan. The Premium Duo manager is the person who signs up for the plan and is charged by the service on a monthly basis.

The manager can invite or remove members by logging in to their account. The plan manager is the only one who is charged by the service. If you see unexpected charges, you can check the guide for additional accounts.

Streaming with Two Subscriptions in Premium Duo

Premium Duo allows two people to enjoy a streaming experience for less than two separate subscriptions. You pay $12.99) a month, which is a lot better than the $9.99 each could have paid. If you were invited to the plan but want to switch, you need to choose cancel premium. You can sign up for any plan after that.

The Spotify Duo Plan

Two people who share the same address can subscribe to the Duo plan. You can listen to your own music at the same time as your roommate listens to hers. You only share the plan with your companion, not the login details.

The monthly cost for your premium account is lower if you have two separate accounts. If you are joining a Duo account, you must live with the main account holder. You must have an existing account to sign up for Premium Duo.

If you want to join the Duo plan, you will need to log into your account on the internet or create one. The plan manager can invite you to join by visiting the invite page. You can join by email or text.

You will be sent an email or a message on the messaging service after you sign up. The sign-up process for Spotify Duo is very easy to do. The Duo plan has many features that you and your companion will enjoy within a few minutes.

Duo can be canceled without penalty. The Premium Duo subscription plan is different from the others. You can connect with your companion through your musical tastes, and you get the regular features of a Premium account.

Streaming Music with Duo

Premium plans are available for those who want an ad-free listening experience and offline play back. The new plan called Spotify Duo is an alternative to the Premium and Family plans. Once it is proven that both users live at the same address, users can use their accounts anywhere they want on any device, regardless of where they are at a particular time.

The Address Problem in Using the Duo Subscription

Once the address is verified as the same, the subscription can be used by two people at the same address. Duo users will get Duo Mix, a playlist that combines the music that both Duo users listen to inside a single playlist so that they can discover audio they both enjoy. The problem seems to persist for people who are subscribed to the Premium Student, Premium ++, and Premium Family plans, as well as for people who live in a region other than the countries supported by the Duo.

Users who are upgrading their Premium Individual account to Premium Duo on the platform are most likely to not encounter the issue. Before the Premium Duo subscription was announced, the only way to buy multiple Premium accounts under the same billing plan was to purchase a family subscription. Premium Family is a membership that is available for a fee of $14.99 per month and is intended to be used by 6 people living under the same roof.

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