What Is Starbucks Aims And Objectives?


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Published: 4 Dec 2021

Starbucks Strategy to Build its Brand

Starbucks has different type of strategy to build its brand. Starbucks has many capabilities, such as market leadership, its outlets, and its supply chain management, which makes it the place where customers can relax from work or home.

Starbucks Gamification

Starbucks has launched a variety of products over the years as they attempt to promote their already existing products by employing new campaigns and ideas. Starbucks has a number of success strategies that promote their marketing. Starbucks had a strategy where it did research on the customers and found their birth dates.

Starbucks came up with a database where the birth dates of customers were kept and used to give them extra benefits on their birthdays. The Starbucks marketing campaign gave its clients the chance to brag on social media about the surprise gift coupons they receive from Starbucks on their birthdays. Starbucks is achieving its objectives thanks to its robust socialCRM.

Starbucks has 3.6 million followers on their social media platforms, 34 million Facebook followers and 6.6 million views on the video sharing website. The Starbucks Social Media Strategy has enabled it to map its strategies in attempts to meet their objectives, their branding strategies as well as integration across the media channels and constant follow-up system to keep track of their social media behaviors and success. Starbucks met its objectives in Gamification.

The integration of payment methods and their mobile apps technology has brought about increased customer convenience, but a golden touch is brought about by Gamification. Gamification in the context of Starbucks is a strategy that adds fun to the brand makes customers want to be involved with it. The Starbucks brand is able to evoke emotions and passion.

The public of the Italian coffee houses remember Starbucks as a romantic brand. The Starbucks brand is passionate. The brand name takes care of the products and it also cares about where the products are from.

Starbucks is Responsible

How is Starbucks responsible? Starbucks is conscious of its ethical conduct and tries to do so. It does business through community, source, environment, diversity and wellbeing. It strives to live out its mission statement.

Middle-level Management in Starbuck Corporation

Middle-level management includes the general manager, operations manager, or human resource managers who are responsible for implementing the top-level decisions to attain the set objectives. Team leaders or office managers are included in operational level management, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of employees. They have a strong influence on the firm by streamlining the work done by their employees.

The target sample were mainly workers who work in the Starbuck Corporation. Some top managers were allowed to speak about their views. A total of ten people were identified and asked questions.

On the symmetries of two different types

2. Coffee is sold of the highest quality. Starbucks business strategy can be categorized as product differentiation.

Objects and Objective Description

Objectives have to be doable. Research reviewers look to see if the time and money available for the research will allow the researcher to achieve their objectives. They look to see if the objectives can be researched.

A research statement is a part of the project. The research project's objectives are developed from them. The order contains the steps to accomplish the research.

Values Statement

Why are values statements important? They show their employees and other stakeholders the principles that the organization lives by. Employees who do not uphold corporate values may be fired.

Values show what the firm stands for. Some customers may choose a company based on how they feel about it. What do values statements mean?

The Starbucks Marketing Mix Program

Secondary data collection techniques are used to conduct research. The information is picked from the source of the information. The primary data collection methods are surveys, pilot studies, focus group studies, interviews and observations.

The data is free from bias. The primary data collection technique can be used to get more relevant information. The pace of technology development is changing everything and that's why the current version of SWOT is not effective.

The regions of Starbucks may have separate regions for emerging economies and developed countries. The limitation might be reduced by conducting the SWOT on a regular basis. The main goal of the marketing mix program is to communicate with customers.

Customer relationship management, integrated marketing communication, creating a good customer experience and social media marketing are some of the marketing strategies Starbucks uses. Starbucks wants to share its customer experience with consumers from low income groups and develop long term relationships with them. The marketing mix strategy ignores the long term interests of the company and focuses on short term goals.

European people love coffee and Starbucks has good scope in Europe. Starbucks is giving them a quality product and service at a good price. The management has focused on opening a chain of coffee houses to reach far in the Europe.

The Role of Human Resources in the Management and Successes Of A Fortune 500 Company

The company may have to consider three problems by the early 2000s, including: Would the company be able to support its current staff with the same level of benefits that they can offer for their staff in the future, if they attempt to lower its human resource? They have to revise their ownership from time to time. The removal of restrictions on foreign investment in the retail industry at the end of 2004 opens the door for Starbucks to be involved in the development of the China market. Starbucks has 400 stores in China and will continue to increase its stores in the near future.

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