What Is Starbucks Organizational Culture?


Author: Albert
Published: 10 Mar 2022

Starbucks leaders are not special

Starbucks leaders do a lot of work, but they don't consider themselves special. When employers are in another country they will work with the staff to make coffee or clean.

A Matrix Structure for a Large Fortune 500 Company

The company is one of the large corporations that has implemented a matrix structure. A matrix structure is a mixture of functional and product-based divisions. It is well suited to organizations that offer a wide range of products and services.

The company is controlled by a board of directors who are based in Seattle. The company is split into regional jurisdictions in the US where district managers run the stores. The store manager and shift supervisor are in charge of the store.

The Story of an Organisation

The internal and external behavior of the organisation is included in the routine. Starbucks routine is important to the company because they believe that if they are taken care of, they will feel cared for. The working environment is nice as they call HR partners instead of employees, no one order to do anything, they ask for favours and finally enhance the importance of a diverse background staff to welcome a diverse background customers. The stories are the ones that are told to each other by members of the organisation and to the customer, and it also highlights important events and personalities.

The sour flavor of coffee

It is the same with other types of coffee. People are addicted to visiting the Starbucks store because it offers convenience and pride. People will feel more proud if they can drink their favorite coffee at Starbucks than at the ordinary coffee shop.

The Starbucks Group

Starbucks is a matrix structure and is one of the best examples of an organizational structure. A matrix structure is a combination of many structures. The authority in matrix structure is not restricted to one way.

Transfer of messages takes place in more than one way, as the employees answer to more than one manager. The other types of organizational structures that combine to form Starbucks organizational structure are geographic divisional structure, functional structure, team structure and product based divisional structure. The geographical divisions include China and Asia-Pacific, America, and Europe, Middle East, Russia, and Africa.

The divisions in the United States are Western, Northwest, Southeast and Northeast. The functional divisions make the work more reliable and smooth, as specialists are doing the jobs, and the chances of them making errors are low. The matrix structure allows the firm to use its human resources efficiently by hiring them for more than one task.

The geographic division structure can make the heads in the divisions so powerful that they can make big decisions. If there is a conflict between the divisions and central control, they might threaten it too. The team structure might make firms compete in ways that are not healthy.

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