What Is Targeted Youth Work?


Author: Lisa
Published: 3 Nov 2021

The role of youth in the running and operation operations

Youth work is said to focus on five areas, including a focus on young people, an emphasis on voluntary participation and relationship, a commitment to association by youth and adults, and, acting with integrity. Youth work often emphasizes the need to involve young people in the running of their own services through a process of youth-led youth work. There are a number of different motives for the development of youth work in the UK.

Are youth groups really focusing on specific young people or all of the same age?

Many people wonder if youth groups should have groups that target particular young people in order to effectively and appropriately meet their needs or if they should have groups that target all young people. Groups have been set up to work with a variety of people, including asylum seekers, young people with a disability, Travellers, gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans people, young women or young men.

Mapping the interaction of young people with local staff

When you are looking to hire a new staff, pay attention to the above. Poor staff will have a negative impact on the project and the young people. Ensure that you keep the information in your folder for future reference or the introduction of new staff members.

Make sure you update the information a regular basis. They will have the chance to get to know the people who work in the area. If staff members need to cover a lot of areas it is best to break it down into smaller segments.

If you approach and make the first contact with the group of young people in a way that makes them feel welcome, you will be able to determine if your relationship will last. Dialogue with young people is the first contact and will involve them regardless of the dynamics of the group. You have the knowledge and intelligence obtained from the mapping exercise and you are now in a position to analyse what kind of intervention is needed in order to engage with the group of young people who you made contact with.

Youth work: a way to help people learn about themselves and others

Youth work can help young people learn about themselves and others, and channel their energy into something enjoyable. It will help them find motivation and inspiration to develop their abilities and a positive frame of mind so they can overcome struggles and live life to its fullest.

The Youth Worker: A Service Provided by Local Authorities

The youth worker is a separate role from the services offered by local authorities. There are many jobs in which working with young people is a dominant role, and where the skills and knowledge of youth workers are in demand, from criminal justice to social care.

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