What Is Trumps Gating Criteria?


Author: Loyd
Published: 12 Dec 2021

The First Region to Restart Economic Activity

The document, which was shared with NBC, said that regions that can be the first to restart economic activity should have limited transmission, ample public health and health system capacity. The plan didn't specify metrics for how communities would know if they were in that category. Governors and lawmakers on Capitol Hill have stressed the need for greater testing capacity to begin easing social distancing restrictions. The White House is looking at ways to increase testing so that localities can meet the president's May 1 deadline.

The White House Coronavirus Task Force: Trump's announcement about when and how governor states should reopen their state

During the daily White House Coronaviruses Task Force's briefings, Trump made announcement about when and how governors should reopen their states. The guidelines broke the reopening of the country to allow Americans to return to their jobs and engage in social gatherings based on the conditions of the outbreak. The president said on Thursday that the guidelines are based on hard, verifiable data, despite the fact that he has been criticized for pushing to reopen businesses to save the economy.

The Trump administration said it provided a "gating criteria" for states to satisfy before moving onto "phased openings". The states must have a downward trajectory of both sputum and sputum positive tests before moving into any phase according to the opening up America Again guidelines. The "fake news media" was working to create confusion and conflict with their reports that the U.S. governors do not need the authority of the president to lift the state-level lock downs.

The Plan for the Next Generation of Supersymmetric Nuclear Structures

The plan was unveiled in a video conference call with the nation's governors. The state leaders were told that the guidelines were not formal orders from the federal government and that they could move through them at their own pace.

The Reopening of the School Year

The guidelines were first published by the Washington Post Thursday and were outlined in greater detail in a White House press briefing that night. They show that the reopening process will be dependent on testing for the illness, isolating individuals who have it, and ensuring proper capacity in hospitals should it re-emerging. In the entire reopening process, the plan suggests that people should wear masks in public, wash their hands frequently, and stay home from school if they are sick.

The Phases of the Recovery

The phases are the ones that start. A state needs two weeks of good testing to start Phase 1, then two more weeks to get to Phase 2, and then two more weeks to get to Phase 3. If nothing goes wrong, no state can get back to normal for six weeks. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is following in the footsteps of Trump, who is talking in favor of aggressive reopening, but not committing himself to anything specific.

The Trump-OPEN plan: reopening the economy before opening up again

President Trump announced guidelines for governors to reopen their economies on Thursday, part of a plan called "Opening Up America Again", which includes benchmarks that should be met for testing, new case growth and hospital capacity, though Trump claims governors can take their time before reopening. The weekly total of unemployment claims has risen by over 2 million since last week. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, business leaders and Fauci all want better testing and contact tracing capabilities before a "reopening." Trump has argued that the economy and public health are not mutually exclusive despite countries with more aggressive testing like South Korea now easing restrictions.

A Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania has a professor named Dr. Emanuel who is the vice provost of global initiatives.

Reopening of Schools, Daycare Facilities and Camps

States and regions must satisfy three broad conditions before reopening. They must show a downward 14-day trajectory of illnesses. They must show a downward trajectory of documented cases of the coronaviruses within a 14-day period or a downward trajectory of positive tests as a percentage of total tests within a 14-day period.

Hospitals must treat all patients without requiring crisis care and have a robust testing program for at-risk health care workers. During the second phase, schools, daycares, and camps can reopen, but senior living facilities and hospitals are still not allowed. On an in-patient basis, elective surgeries can resume.

Bars may reopen with less standing room capacity. After a third 14-day period of decline, states and regions should return to normal. Vulnerable individuals can resume public interactions.

The State of the Art in a Child Protection Plan

There are no timelines in the plan. Dr. Deborah Birx said that governors should open states at their own pace. Trump told the governors that the federal government would be standing with them and that they would be in charge.

Once states can meet all three criteria in a 14-day period, they can move to phase one. Some states have already met the criteria and could implement phase one immediately. Individuals should not be in more than 10 people.

The vulnerable and their family should be protected. Vulnerable individuals include the elderly and those with underlying health issues such as high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, and obese. Travel should be minimized.

The schools and daycare facilities should not be open. Visiting senior living facilities and hospitals should be banned. On an outpatient basis, surgeries can resume if they are medically appropriate.

Gyms can open if they practice strict physical and sanitary procedures. Bars should be closed. Special accommodations should be provided to vulnerable employees.

Phase 1 Reopening of the COVID-19 and Influenced Syndromic Cases

When there is a downward trajectory of influenced-like or COVID-19-like syndromic cases reported within a 14-day period, a downward trajectory of documented cases and positive tests within a 14-day period, and when hospitals can treat all patients, a phased reopening can begin. All vulnerable individuals will continue to shelter in place in Phase 1. People are expected to maximize physical distance, but social gatherings of 10 or more should be avoided.

Employers will be encouraged to telework whenever possible but will be able to return to work in phases. Large venues such as movie theaters, sporting venues, and places of worship can reopen operations after the schools and youth activities are closed. Gyms will be allowed to reopen.

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