What Is Trumps Medical Problem?


Author: Albert
Published: 30 Jul 2022

The Effect of a Body Mass Index on the Risk for Death

The study found an increased risk for people with a body mass index of 30 to 34.9, but the magnitude of the increased risk varied greatly from one study to another. It is difficult to pin down.

The Effect of Presidential Fitness on the General Relativity

As the average of leaders increases, the lack of a system to evaluate presidential fitness will become more consequential. The Constitution sets lower limits on age but does not give an upper limit. Having survived so long was a sign of hardy and cautiousness, and septuagenarians were rare at the time.

It is the norm now. The top three presidential candidates all turned 70 in the year. The amendment of 1967, which was passed in 1967, gave the vice president power to take over if the president is unable to do his job because of illness.

Mental Health Experts Against Donald Trump

A book written by over two dozen mental health experts argued that Trump is not fit to be the president because of his personality or mental health issues. When the data shows that a politician is a danger to the public, psychologists should be allowed to warn the public. The authors warn that psychologists shouldn't judge a person's fitness for office. Doctors might use their power and authority to pathologize those they dislike or those who are negatively affecting their personal lives, if they have hidden agendas.

A Comment on the Wisdom of a Paranoid, Insane and Delusional Person

The former TV show host's October 7th post about his great and unparalleled wisdom is being seen as proof that he is a paranoid, insane, and delusional person. Trump is not fit to be the president of the United States.

What if the Condition is Existence?

If that condition exists, physicians are hesitant to speculate about what it might be. Gupta said it's hard to say if the president has neurological issues just from looking at a video.

Mental Health Concerns

1. People with NPD are very sensitive and very vulnerable. They need constant praise and acknowledgement because they don't have their own self-esteem.

They need to get it from other people. 5. They can be charismatic even if they don't have a cult-like following because they crave attention and approval.

Mental health professionals have concerns. The President of The United State and Commander in Chief has the sole authority to authorize a military strike on a perceived or real enemy, launch of any and all of the weapons possessed by The United States Military, and the use of 7,000 nuclear weapons. The Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, the Joint Chiefs of State, and the National Security advisor can all say "NO!"

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