What Is Trumps Next Moves?


Author: Richelle
Published: 25 Jul 2022

Trump's Media Platform and Fox News

If Trump launches a media platform, he will do it while many of his followers are rejecting their go to right-wing cable network, Fox News, for not being "Trump enough." A Trump outlet would amplify false stories and dangerous voices, all of which would be checked by any semblance of journalistic guardrails. Many of Trump's followers are concerned that mainstream social media platforms are becoming more conservative and are fleeing to platforms like Parler.

Associated Planning for Republican Rally Plans

A number of Republican members of Congress were named in a Rolling Stone report as being involved in planning the details of rallies and electoral certification objection the day of January 6.

The Tome of the Kavanaugh Torsion

The new accusation of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh has caused a political uproar, but it has been complicated by the Times' failure to note that the woman involved is said to have no recollection of the incident, according to friends. The launch event for the 2020 edition of the tome is held at the Washington, DC, location of the publishers. Sue Davis a former researcher of the Almanac. The 2020 edition is here.

The rich and famous live on Indian Creek Island

The rich and famous live on Indian Creek Island, with some of them including billionaire Carl Icahn, former Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman, former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula, and hedge funder Eddie Lampert.

The 25th Amendment and the White House

Sources within the White House have said that it is unlikely that the vice president would use the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office, as some Democrats and at least one Republican have urged.

The Nightmare Before the Election

Most Americans should be able to sleep at night now that Trump has been elected, and that he still cares about his people and the world.

The Case for a New Australia

The niece of Donald Trump has warned that her uncle is planning to attempt a coup after his US election loss. Joe Biden won with ease. Donald and his people will not change that.

They're going to break as much as they can on their way out. This an attempted coup. The honey that is labeled as being 20 per cent Australian made has caused confusion among customers of the discount store.

Find out what the woman had to say. It doesn't look like it's going to give up in a hurry, as it has held the position of Australia's best performing state for nearly two years. Craig James, chief economist at Commonwealth Securities, says there is little to separate other states and territories.

Israel has published tenders for 1300 new settlement homes in the occupied West Bank and authorities are expected to discuss the proposal for 3000 more homes that have already drawn concern from the United States. The Israel Land Authority posted the tenders for new houses to be built in a number of settlements in the West Bank, which are on land that Palestinians want for a future state. More voters are now saying the government should prioritize meeting targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The Newspoll published in The Australian on Monday shows Labor leading the coalition a two-party preferred basis. In the presidential election in Uzbekistan, incumbent President Shavkat Mirziyoyev faced no real opposition and is almost certain to win a second term. Mirziyoyev's predicted victory will allow him to deepen his reform campaign and likely lead to the opening up of the country to foreign trade and investment.

Sean Spicer: The White House

Sean Spicer, Trump's former press secretary, has said that he is in, but Trump has yet to confirm that.

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