What Is Twitch Moderation?


Author: Lorena
Published: 8 Feb 2022

The mod section of twitch

The term mod is used to describe the twitch moderators. They are there to make sure users follow the rules. twitch moderators can use commands to ban users, slow down the chat, or even remove a message.

Take some time to think about who you want to be a moderator. You should make sure you trust them enough so that you can focus on your stream. All channels on the platform should have chat rules.

It is best to show them in your info section, where the banned and moderated viewers can see what they are. There are chat rules that are almost anywhere, like no self-promotion, English only, and so on. You can get inspiration for your own chat rules from other channels.

You will have access to mod view once you are a moderator on twitch, an interface created for them to improve their efficiency and get the work done a lot faster and easier Clicking on a user's name will show some insightful statistics. You will be able to see when they joined and followed the channel.

You can see a history log that shows the bans, timeouts, and comments from other users. The buttons that you can use quickly are provided by the moderator view. The buttons are useful when you want to ban a viewer.

Streaming with Mods

Ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that you only have to worry about your stream is achieved by having a mod on your channel. You can turn it on or off. The mod has more control over the messages when there is a higher level of moderation.

Twitch bots are awesome

There are plenty of brilliant Twitch bots that you can use, but nothing beats another person controlling your chat, keeping users entertained and just letting you focus on your stream and the game.

Mod View Dashboard

To make sure your community is safe, you can use tools like AutoMod and promote viewers to help, which are available on twitch. Panelists can be a powerful force in your community. When a lot of people are talking, chat can get a little busy.

If chat is moving faster than your admins can manage, you and your admins can use chat commands to filter certain users or messages. The dashboard for Mod View is built by twitch to help you make your job easier. Mod View gives mod space to take action messages flagged by AutoMod, view relevant user details, and much more.

Observing Comments in Chats

Monitoring all comments in a chat can take some time and practice. It is easier to monitor streams with smaller viewers, but it is also easier to miss a comment as you may take your eye off the stream chat. The chat is great and you can watch it as a viewer.

Being a mod for a channel can be hard at times, but you need to enjoy it. If you are no longer enjoying it, if you are not getting support from the streamer, or if it is becoming like a full time job, then you should take some time out or walk away. It will be difficult to make but you need to put yourself first.

How to Stream or Not to Stream

Keep track of who visits the stream. If you think someone is new, welcome them to the channel. It is essential that interaction is present on smaller channels.

If a newcomer feels ignored, they will move on to another channel. Show others how you want to be treated. They will reciprocate if you are kind and respectful.

Most people want to connect with other human beings and feel valued, even if there are some who will be unruly and trolly. Sometimes people are having a bad day and can let off steam. If you are unsure about their motives, send a private message.

Ask them if they are okay and remind them to keep their spirits up. The global mod commands can be used when the broadcaster gives you an overview. Take notes and keep them handy until you know the ins and outs of the guidelines.

You can act quickly if you learn the emotes by heart. If you want to spread their words, remind them to use their social media. You will expand their reach and possibly bring in new people as others do.

twitch: A Video Game Website

Video game professionals display their skills on the latest consoles and PC game releases on the popular video game website, twitch. The classification is changing. Both content creators and viewers are free to use the service.

You can watch streams without signing up for an account. Go to the website and look around. Before you allow someone to play a video game, you should check out the game's content, just as you would check out the content of a video game before you allow someone to play it.

Streaming with the Mod

The streamers can use the mod to monitor their chat, control the dialogue, and prevent people from ruining the viewing experience for others.

Lurking on twitch

What is Lurking on twitch? Lurking on twitch means not interacting or chatting. Lurkers watch or sit in a twitch channel without interacting with the streamer or other viewers.

How long have you been following a channel?

Users are not allowed to post non-unique messages to the channel. Useful when the channel is under attack or when the raid is out of control. When to use is something you should communicate with your TV station.

Talk is restricted based on how long viewers have been following the channel. You can either set it to 0 minutes or 3 months. When to use is something you should communicate with your TV station.

You may see yourself changing over time. You may think that you have to uphold the rules all the time. Do not worry.

How to Make a Mod Wall

You are dealing with real people on the internet. You must lead by example, even though they made you be rude at times. The ratio of active Mods to active chat members is out of your control, so it's not your fault if the chat resembles a Mod wall.

Sending fewer, longer messages is a way to avoid being a victim of email fraud. The better thing to do is to have your sword in the chat less often. The conversations tend to become stagnant.

Any of the random topics can spark a new conversation. If possible, get some people involved as well. If people are impressed by how much you contribute, then so be it, but there is no need to show off.

Being a mod is not a good thing. Possessing the role means you are trusted and can be earned with time. chat members may not be able to distinguish a real ban from a pretend ban

They will question whether you are abusing your power if you see too many unnecessary bans. It is okay to moderate the chat, but not to make yourself too accessible. Doing so will make the work less important since the work will be expected from you.

Streaming and Chatting

If the world is busy with streaming and chatting, the wish pops up. What happens when your stream has a lot of chatter? You need basic commands for mod commands.

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