What Is Usps Informed Delivery Service?


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Published: 9 Jun 2022

The First Priority Mail Express Order

Priority Mail Express items will still be delivered year round despite the fact that there is no regular mail delivered during a postal holiday in the United States.

The USPS is Free to Use

Mail images are displayed for a seven day period on the Informed Delivery dashboard while packages are displayed for up to 15 days after a package has been delivered. Since it was released as a pilot program in a few zip codes in the US in the year of 2014, Informed Delivery has quickly expanded to the rest of the US with over 15 million users. There is a lot of ground for the USPS to cover until it reaches mainstream America.

The customers have been very satisfied with the product and have claimed that they would recommend it to a friend or family member. It is absolutely free to use, that is the most appealing thing about Informed Delivery. There is a lot of incentive for homeowners and businesses to use a digital mail system that allows them to preview their mail and save hours of driving back and forth from the post office.

When Covid-19 hit New York, residents hired limousine operators to deliver their mail to the suburbs, because of the amount of information that transfers via mail. Private citizens have very intense security concerns. The USPS has taken steps to make sure that mail is scanned and delivered digitally.

All content within the envelope is never accessed when the mail is scanned. The address side of mail pieces are the only public information that anyone can see. The reality is that Informed Delivery is usually 1-2 days delayed and not all items that are scanned have a preview image coming up for it.

Its accuracy could be rated at over 98%. All customers of the USPS, regardless of zip code, are eligible to sign up for Informed Delivery. If you receive mail at both your residential address and a PO Box, you will need to set up two separate personal accounts on USPS.com.

USPS Informed Delivery Dashboard

USPS Informed Delivery is a free service that allows consumers to view their mail in a digital format. The users can manage their packages. The images of large mails like catalogues and magazines are only accessible if the mailer conducts a synchronized digital marketing campaign.

The dashboard shows the images of the mailpiece and packages for a period of seven days. The dashboard will show most of the USPS domestic packages that are attached to the address mentioned on the USPS account. The consumers can see the delivery status of packages, give delivery instructions, and manage their notifications with USPS Tracking.

You can get the Tracking updates via text or email. The users can choose to get email or text notifications with tracking status updates for their incoming packages. You will get notifications with images when the mail is delivered or processed.

notifications will not be given when there are no mails to be delivered You will not be notified on Sundays or USPS holidays. The notifications are sent when there is an update on the package.

If you are still not getting notifications, please check your email and junk email folder. Make sure to check the email address on your usps.com profile. The USPSInformedDelivery@usps.gov should be added to the email contacts to stop the feature from being blocked.

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