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Author: Lorena
Published: 7 Jan 2022

Verizon Connect: Covering a Fleet with Real-Time Live Map, Geofences and Maintenance

No matter what size of fleet you have, you can count on it being covered by the company. Telogis were used in the large enterprise sector. Both are part of the same company.

Larger companies can collect more data which will in turn help them gain more insights, which is why larger fleets will get more value out of the services of Verizon. Every action is a few clicks away, because each option has its own subcategories. Since the mobile version of the service is available, agents and managers can stay in the loop since they can send an email or text when triggered.

The live map has a familiar interface that updates with near real-time movement within a 30 second window. The map can give the viewer more information about each vehicle's driving habits and estimated time of arrival. Managers can tell when drivers are starting late or leaving early.

They will know when a vehicle is not running, which will allow them to save on fuel costs. A cost analysis can be performed on a fleet's movements over time in order to invest in areas that show the greatest potential. They can check each vehicle's miles-per-gallon statistics against the fuel used to make sure there's no discrepancy.

They can look at each driver's history and driving habits. Who travels the farthest? Who has the most harsh driving?

XML: A Software Tool for Fleet Management

The software is designed for companies with fleets. The software gives a panoramic view of the daily operations of the vehicle.

A Compliant Device for Monitoring and Optimal Maintenance of Small Commercial Vehicle Fleets

The product is meant for small commercial vehicle fleets. The product is loaded with a wide range of compliance and convenience features for each carrier, so you will like that. If the device is not compliant, it will not be used.

Features and tools of an ELD logbook are the most important factors in relevance and function. It will give you peace of mind knowing where your commercial vehicles are at all times. The data can be accessed on the website.

Fleetmatics gpS Vehicle Tracking Solution

The Today view feature shows the number of stops, the number of drivers, and the speed of the drivers. Fleetmatics has a long and rich history and is considered to be one of the technology companies in the field of monitoring and telematics. The mobile app will make sure everything runs smoothly and fast when your technical staff can keep and have all of the critical job details in the palm of their hands. Fleetmatics gps vehicle tracking solution is a prominent solution, but it only targets smaller fleets of local vehicles like delivery trucks, cable repair and plumbing vans.

gps Tracker for Non-Powered Asset

You need to enable tracker settings to receive activity alert for non-powered assets. Go to admin and enable 'Check in when moving'. You can set up an activity alert again.

Customer Support can help you if you can't enable the tracker setting. The location information from the gps tracker is sent to reveal. If the tracker sends location information to reveal from within the fence, then the alert will be triggered.

The more pinging the gps location, the more accurate the alert. Video alert are triggered when a new video is ready to be viewed. Video recordings are triggered by a harsh driving event, so they work in conjunction with video alert.

Keeping Track of Your Fleet Nonstop

ELD technology is constantly evolving and changing. There are a wide range of electronic logging devices. Customers have the option to choose from a variety of hardware and software options.

One of the top vendors selling a vehicle tracking solution is the Verizon Connect Reveal. Fleetmatics is one of the leaders in fleet management software and app, with more than one million vehicles tracked through the world. It is one of the largest fleet management systems around the globe used by everyone.

The company is geared towards businesses that are fleet-based. Their goal is to make vehicles and people move better. It is useful for fleet managers who want to keep an eye on their fleets.

That allows them to identify unauthorized use of vehicles and to improve routes. It is a prolific solution, but it is mainly aimed at smaller fleets of local vehicles such as delivery trucks, cable repair or plumbing vans. Fleetmatics reveal may not be the best option for a large business that has a large fleet.

The reports are nice, but you may be overwhelmed by the layers of different menus. There is no follow-up support that would help you in the installation and ongoing use of the software. Keeping track of your fleet nonstop will allow you to manage unauthorized use, unsafe behavior, and other deviations from the normal procedure at work.

Measuring Fleet Performance with Dashboard

Dashboard metrics allow you to measure fleet performance. They can be shown to people. The dashboard can show results for your entire fleet or a group of your choice.

The ranking view shows the number of posted and road speed limit violations returned by your fleet. The speed limit violations are categorized into severity categories. You can see the violations per distance by hovering over the vehicle.

Importation of Timecard Options from Account Preferences

Timecard options are imported from account preferences. Clear the Use the hours worked criteria from account preferences check box to make it easier to modify the hours worked criteria for an individual report.

The REVEAL X Cellular Camera

The REVEAL X Cellular Camera is small and discreet, but powerful enough to handle the extreme outdoor weather. It will freeze the action day or night without scaring the wildlife.

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