What Is Walmart Floor Clerical Job?


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Published: 3 Nov 2021

A Job Description for a Multi-Agent System

Are you looking for a job that gives you more responsibility, more pay, and more opportunity? You are responsible for the entire store as an hourly supervisor. Sales associates in your area will look to you for leadership, direction, training, and support. You are responsible for the availability of goods and the standards of the department.

Glassdoor: The Average Salary of Walmart Assistants and Pharmacy Manager

According to Glassdoor salary data, Walmart assistant managers average $45,000 a year, which is right on target for the national average salary. The average pay increases to $48, 311 a year if you add bonuses and additional compensation. The average base salary for shift managers at Walmart is over $65k, which is 8 percent above the national average.

The total compensation increases to $78,000 after taking in the cash bonus, stock bonus and other financial rewards. The average pharmacy manager at Walmart makes 139,000 a year, which is 4% above the national average. Pharmacy managers make close to $160,000 a year if they get a bonus.

Glassdoor says that order fillers at Walmart make an average of $38,000 a year. There is also an average cash bonus of $2,600, stock bonus of $1,200, profit-sharing of $1,100, and commission-sharing of $220. Order fillers can make overtime which can push compensation up to over $35 an hour.

Walmart cashiers are responsible for bagging and loading merchandise. One former employee on Glassdoor said that Walmart cashier hourly wages ranged from $7 to $17, with the average falling at $9 an hour, which is "not bad out of high school, but hardly enough to live past that." The inventory control specialists at Walmart are mostly in the back room of the store, and are responsible for all inventory that comes in and out, as well as transporting merchandise to the sales floor using forklift or pallet jacks.

The average hourly rate for an inventory control specialist at Walmart is $10, which is 100 percent below the national average, according to Glassdoor. The pay increases to $20,396 a year when you add in bonuses and additional compensation. greeters at Walmart help customers get shopping carts, provide store directions, and other customer service duties, as well as meeting Walmart customers at the store's entrance.

Adaptive problem solving

Being a strong problem solvers is important to carrying out clerical functions. You will have to resolve issues with customers, colleagues, or technical problems depending on the scope of your role. The best outcome will be ensured every time, if you stay calm and do it in a timely manner.

Being able to adapt will help you thrive in a fast-paced environment. You will be expected to be reliable for your colleagues and to get the job done. Doing so effectively will require a range of skills.

Sales Floor Associates

Sales floor associates are expected to act professional, friendly and courteous so that customers remember the store as a pleasant place to shop. That makes sure that they return to the store for future purchases. Stores usually require that sales floor associates have a high school degree.

An ability to learn basic math and how to operate a point-of-sale terminal is important. Experience is helpful when applying for a job, but stores also hire people without experience. There are new hires at the store and they may have a training class.

A manager or knowledgeable employee can show a new employee how to do something. There are part-time opportunities for sales floor associates. Extra workers are hired for busy times.

Being a sales floor associate requires a lot of standing and walking around. Some environments may require their associates to be able to lift heavy objects. Sales floor associates with experience can be paid more.

They may be considered for management positions. If you stay at one place of employment for a long time, you will usually get modest raises on your work anniversary. If you're paid on a commission, experience is valuable.

Questions about Walmart

When clients enter Walmart, they should be prepared to ask questions, such as information about promotions, store policies, and merchandise, and should be prepared to pay the cashier. Walmart is a busy place where people shop. If you are thinking of working as a cashier, you should be prepared to attend to a lot of people.

Walmart Maintenance

Walmart has a position for maintenance that can be either full-time or part-time. Most part-time workers work between 15 and 30 hours a week. Most weeks full-time positions work 40 hours.

Walmart maintenance workers are eligible for an employee discount on in-store purchases. You will receive additional benefits like a 401(k) and paid vacation time for full-time workers. Stock options are also offered in some instances.

Walmart Intervieweers: A Survey of Top Retail Chains

Walmart has over 11,000 retail stores in 27 countries and is the top retail chain the US. Walmart has a reputation for being able to offer the lowest prices to their customers, which is why they draw millions of people every day. When consumers walk into a Walmart, they see a huge supply of groceries, household items, outdoor equipment, health and beauty supplies, and almost any other daily living essential.

McDonald's and Subway are located in many Walmart stores. Most Walmart interviewees report having a positive experience. Most of the people interviewed said that their interview was online, although they still have the option of applying in person.

One can expect to be asked a set of questions about past experiences. Potential employees interviewing with Walmart have had multiple interviews. Interviewees have to pass a background check and drug test after accepting a job.

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