What Is Weather Geography?


Author: Lisa
Published: 2 May 2022

The State of the Atmosphere

The weather is the state of the atmosphere, including temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation, and cloud cover. Climate is all weather conditions for a particular location over a period of 30 years. The weather is influenced by a number of factors. It affects the way people dress and the types of structures they build.


The weather is the condition of the environment at any time. The weather could be sunny with a clear sky, but there could be clouds and rain tomorrow. The weather is a long term pattern.

It is the average pattern of weather conditions for a specific region over a period of time. The climate of a region would show the long term behavior of the weather in that region, even if it is changing everyday. Climate and weather are similar to your personality.

Predicting the future of Earth's weather

Studying how the weather works on other planets has helped in understanding how weather works on Earth. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is anti-cyclonic storm that has existed for at least 300 years. The weather is not limited to planets.

A star's corona is being lost to space, creating a very thin atmosphere throughout the Solar System. The solar wind is the movement of mass from the Sun. Predicting future conditions is no longer an all-human endeavor, but rather a model used to determine barometric pressure, current weather conditions, and sky condition.

The cosmological constant and the role of gravity

Finally, they use their knowledge. The output from the computer is studied by experienced forecasters who look at a range of information to determine the accuracy of the simulations. The models are compared against actual observations by forecasters. They can add more information to the forecasts before they are broadcast on television, radio and the internet.

Monsoon Wind in the Garhalayan Region

The Garo Hills of Meghalaya can get an amount of rain a single day which is equal to 10 years of rain at Jaisalmer. The Ganga delta and the coastal plains are hit by storms almost on the fifth day of July and August on the Coromandel Coast. In Tamil Nadu, the coastal areas get generally a lot of rain during September.

It rains at the beginning of winter. India is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on three sides in the south and by a high and continuous Mountain wall in the north. The water is warm and cool.

Different air pressure zones are created by the differential heating of land sea. The monsoon winds change direction when the air pressure is different. The interior of India is far away from the influence of the sea, because of the large coastal areas.

The people of Mumbai and the Konkan coast have no idea of the extreme temperature and the seasonal rhythm of weather in the interior of the country such as Delhi, Kanpur, and Amritsar. The mechanism of monsoon winds draft towards the subcontinent was believed to have been caused by the differential heating of land sea during the summer months. The sun shines vertically in the spring and summer months.

The English Lake District

The British landscape can be divided into two different types. The mountainous regions of Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England North Wales are included in the highland area. The English Lake District contains lakes and fells.

A storm hitting the Russian River north of Bodega Bay, Calif

A storm is hitting the Russian River north of Bodega Bay, Calif. The weather can change from minute to minute. Climate is the average of weather over time.

Weather and Climate

Climate and weather are not the same thing. Climate is the average course of weather conditions over a long period of time for a particular location.

Forecasting Long-Range Weather

Weather forecasting is the art of predicting what will happen in the future. It's just a matter of looking out the window to see what types of clouds are around and how they are moving. Predicting the weather for the next 12 to 24 hours can be done with knowledge of local weather patterns.

Professional forecasters have a lot of different tools. Satellites allow for the forecasting of weather far out to sea, where there are no weather stations. Weather balloons and radar are part of the equation.

It is difficult to forecast long-run weather. Chaos theory is a mathematical concept that can cause small errors in measuring weather conditions to snowball into large errors in long-range forecasts. Most weather forecasters think that forecasting more than two weeks into the future is impossible.

Sub-branches of Physical Geography

There are many sub-branches and even sub-sub-branches of physical geography as a research area since the Earth and its systems are so complex. They have overlap with other disciplines.

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