What Is Weather Ks3?


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Published: 20 Apr 2022

Weather and the Earth

Weather can affect us in many ways. Weather patterns are studied to predict storms. Climate changes over a longer period of time.

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The influence of the ocean currents on coastal areas

The dominant wind direction is prevailing winds. The amount of rain depends on where the air comes from. The characteristics of the weather can be explained by looking at where the air has come from.

An air mass is a large body of air. The sea is the most important factor affecting the coastal areas. The sea takes longer to cool down than land.

The sea keeps coastal areas warm in the winter and cools them in the summer. The ocean currents have an effect on the temperature. Britain is not as cold as Siberia and parts of Russia.


The weather is the condition of the environment at any time. The weather could be sunny with a clear sky, but there could be clouds and rain tomorrow. The weather is a long term pattern.

It is the average pattern of weather conditions for a specific region over a period of time. The climate of a region would show the long term behavior of the weather in that region, even if it is changing everyday. Climate and weather are similar to your personality.

Wind direction and pressure of the cyclone

The wind direction is reported by the compass. Wheezing from the west is called a westerly wind, not an easterly wind. Air pressure is very high.

Air is light but it exerts a pressure on us because of the amount above us. Air pressure is measured by a device. The units are used.

The pressure increases with the reading. An anticyclone is a high-pressure system. No clouds are formed when air falls in anticyclone.

In summer, high pressure usually results in clear skies and breezes. Clear skies and cold weather are a result of high pressure. A depression is an area of low pressure.

Clouds and rain are formed when air rises in a depression. The weather and rain are brought about by depressions. The winds are usually stronger.

Climate Forecasting

Air pressure changes in the area are what control the weather events. The air pressure is caused by the weight of air. Skies are usually clear and blue when air pressure is high.

The high pressure causes air to flow down and fan out when it is close to the ground. When air pressure is low, air flows together and then upward, where it forms clouds. Local or regional weather forecasts are developed by meteorologyologists.

The weather events that are happening over a broad region are taken into account by the best forecasts. Knowing where storms are now can help predict where storms will be tomorrow and the next day. The process of looking over a large area is aided by the network of weather observations.

The unpredictable nature of the atmosphere means that it will be impossible to predict the weather more than two weeks in advance, but new technologies combined with more traditional methods are allowing forecasters to develop better and more complete forecasts. Climate is the average weather pattern over several decades. Different regions have different climates.

Climate and the Earth

Climate can be changed by factors such as altitude, latitude or ocean currents. For years, atmospheric temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and precipitation are needed to determine a climate data. Explain to kids how weather and climate can affect them in different ways. Tell them that the climate is determined by the weather that a certain area has during a certain time of the year.

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