What Is Weather What Is Climate?


Author: Lisa
Published: 26 May 2022

A storm hitting the Russian River north of Bodega Bay, Calif

A storm is hitting the Russian River north of Bodega Bay, Calif. The weather can change from minute to minute. Climate is the average of weather over time.

Climate Change

Climate is the expected events in the atmosphere over time. The weather can be different from what the climate suggests.

Weather Forecasting

You can experience weather on any given day. It is the state of the atmosphere at a particular location over the short-term. Climate is the average of the weather patterns in a location over a long period of time.

The weather can change quickly from one moment to the next. It can be raining and snowing at the same time. It can be raining one side of town and sunny on the other.

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Climate: A Weather Model for the Universe

Climate is the average weather over time. Climate can change in a few hours, but it takes hundreds, thousands, even millions of years to change.

Weather is what you expect and weather the way to get it

Robert Heinlein said that climate is what you expect and weather is what you get. "Weather is how you choose your outfit, climate is how you choose your wardrobe", is what it is.

Weather and climate as a pair

Weather and climate are often mentioned as a pair. A study in the journal Risk Analysis shows that a third of Americans think the two mean the same thing.

Climate Change: Why we need to act now

People think that climate change is mostly about warmer temperatures. The story is not only about the temperature rise. Changes in one area can affect changes in all of the others.

Adapting to climate consequences protects people, homes, businesses, infrastructure and natural ecosystems. Current impacts and likely future impacts are covered. The most vulnerable people must be the first to be affected by climate hazard.

The rate of return can be high. Early warning systems can save lives and property and can deliver benefits ten times the initial cost. Governments and businesses have to invest in climate action.

The climate in the summertime

During the summer the climate is warm. Areas with a warm climate enjoy weather that is pleasant and rainy seasons that are not as frequent.

The impact of a Pacific storm on the jet stream

A Pacific storm disrupted the jet stream. When a storm distorts the jet stream, it is like pulling a long rope at one end and seeing the ripples on the other. The more air there is in the atmosphere, the more precipitation will fall, sometimes in a shorter time period and over a smaller area.

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