What Is You Must In French?


Author: Richelle
Published: 12 Mar 2022

Devoir : un mot de Must

The French word for "Must" is devoir. It's used when you have to do something. Students need to memorize the irregular conjugation of devoir, a very common French word.

Which Meaning is Right?

How do you know which meaning is right when there are many examples? It depends on the context. You need to do more work to make sure that the meaning you want is the one others get.

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Bordeaux Wines

Bordeaux is a city and a wine-growing region. The crypt below Saint-Seurin Basilica is the location of some of the oldest ruins in the city that were first settled in There are special events and collaborations all year long.

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The white wines in Bordeaux are made from a blend of grapes. They range from light and sweet to aromatic and dry. Most people prefer to fly to Bordeaux.

The Pool

You can take a trip to the pool. It seems like an easy and universal activity to not have to deal with cultural differences. Wrong.

It can be a challenge. People travel from surrounding towns and villages to spend the day there, sunbathing on the beautiful lawns and eating at its eatery. You pay a small fee to get a bracelet that gives you access to the facilities.

There's nothing that's difficult except for the bathing suit rules. Your swimsuit cannot be something you could be found wearing outside the pool for hygiene reasons. That means no trunks, shorts, or shirts that are not meant for swimming.

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