What Is Youtube End Screen?


Author: Lisa
Published: 29 Oct 2021

Add an End Screen to Your Videos

The more content someone sees, the more likely they are to subscribe. One of the best ways to get people to watch more of your videos is to feature a video in your end screen. Add that End Screen element to more of your videos if you see it.

If another element is being ignored, you can try something new. The last thing you want to do is end your video with a silent end screen. Adding audio over your end screen will allow you to subscribe or watch another video.

Adding End Screens to Videos

You can use end screens to direct your audience to your website where they can check out more content, buy merchandise, or take part in your campaign that you wish to promote. If you want to add any website to your end screen, you must be a member of the YouTube partner program. You can make your own end screen design by clicking on +ELEMENT on the pop-up screen.

You can choose between video, channel, subscribe, and link from the drop-down menu. The end screen of the video will be pasted as it is on the video. You can adjust the timing of your end screen based on your current video.

You can change the elements around to make sure they fit in your video. You can make changes to the end screen on the Advanced timeline if you want to. Adding end screens to all of your videos will take days if you have already put out a lot of content on the internet.

Adding End Screen Element to Your Videos

You can choose to display your most recent uploaded video, or a specific video, if you choose the video element. You must add a custom message if you select a channel element. You can add and modify end screens while uploading a video.

You can choose when you want your end screen elements to show in your video. The end screen elements will show at the same time. You can change the appearance of individual elements.

The pieces of content that you add to your screen are called elements. Some elements can be expanded or hovered over to give more information. You can add up to four elements in your end screen for videos.

End Screens for YouTube

Since it is the second-largest search engine in the world, marketers can use the platform of YouTube to promote their products. 70% of its users report buying from a brand after seeing their videos on YouTube, as they take action based on the videos they see. End screens are tools that are offered by YouTube to help creators direct viewers to take action after their video is finished.

Your end screens can show links to different websites, subscribe CTAs, or links to other channels. The example below is from the Dessert Person channel. It gets the job done through a CTA that directs viewers to other videos on the channel and a subscription button.

You can also create an end screen within the Creator Studio, but you have to use the instructions above. It's important to make sure that it's the right size. The standard HD aspect ratio is 1920px by1080px.

You can use the sample end screen template to create your own. We recommend more templates. You can either design one on YouTube or from scratch, but there are different templates you can use to create a high-quality end screen that will meet your branding needs.

Let's look at some resources. The end screens play the last five to 20 seconds of your videos. Make sure that the elements you choose to include appear at the right time to maximize the impact of your end screen cards, as the goal is to entice users to take additional action with your channel and generate more views and engagement.

End Screens for Mobile Users

End Screens can be seen in the last 20 seconds of a video, and viewers can hover them for more information, while mobile audiences just need to tap on the thumbnail. If the video has a 16:9 aspect ratio, creators and publishers can use up to four End Screens. End Screens will suppress other interactive elements.

The End Screen of a Video Game

When the video is playing in the background, or when the screens are shown on smaller screens, it may not show the End Screen.

A Rectangular Area for Subscribers

There is a rectangular area that pops out when a viewer hovers over the subscribe element. If something near your subscribe button gets covered up, keep that in mind.

Feature Selection in Video Promotion

The feature will appear in the last 5 to 20 seconds of your video. Mobile users can tap on the thumbnail to see more information, while desktop users can hover the thumbnail. If your video has a 16:9 aspect ratio, you can use up to four content promotion elements. One of those elements must be a video or a playlist.

End Screens for Collaboration Videos

End screens are interactive graphics that link to another video, or prompt someone to subscribe to your channel. The feature name suggests that you can only add end screens in the last 20 seconds of your video, so you have to plan where the end screens will appear. One option is to make the subject of your video appear like it has room for end screens.

Talking over the end screen will engage the viewer. The end screens work best if the on-screen presenter is still talking. If you just cut to a screen with a color design and no new information, viewers are likely to click off of the page.

People who watch on the video sharing site are conditioned to do that now. If you keep giving information, viewers will keep coming back. To get to the info and settings screen, you can click on any of your videos in Creator Studio and select end screen and annotations at the top of the page.

In collaborations, a channel end screen is especially useful. If the video is a collaboration with another creator, you can link viewers to their own channel as well as yours, as shown in the example below. If you want to point people to a channel you like, you can do that too.

An associated website needs to be one you own, and you can set it up on the video sharing website. You can send viewers anywhere after you set up your website with YouTube. The redirects are made easy by theWordPress Plugins.

Ghacks: A site for video recommendation

Recommendations that are displayed at the end of the video are different from recommendations that are displayed while the video is still playing. A recommended video is played on the video sharing website. If you have disabled the autoplay on your video website, some video recommendations are displayed.

You can do that by clicking on the settings icon. The next video will be played automatically. You may prefer not to receive video suggestions.

Maybe, because you want to keep your kids away from inappropriate suggestions, or because you want to make them want to watch more videos on the site, you want to block the part of the screen that shows inappropriate suggestions. There is no option to stop the video at the end, so you can't prevent recommendations from being displayed. The result is a black screen at the end of videos on the internet, instead of a screen filled with video thumbnail for recommendations to be displayed after the video ends.

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